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Dec 1, 2020

Best Window Air Conditioners in the Philippines 2021

Window air conditioners are still widely used in the Philippines. Although not as classy as split-type ACs, window aircon units are much affordable and are a great choice for those who have limitation in space.

Air conditioners are one of the very few solutions to beat the heat in the Philippines. Finding the right AC unit, however, is especially challenging when you have a limited budget but want to make sure to get your entire room cooled.

About Air Conditioning Units

There are a few things you must first consider when deciding which AC unit to purchase.

With so many options available, you might think a powerful air conditioner or a branded one will be enough. But first you should check the size of the room―for instance, its width and length―into which you are installing the unit.

It's vital to get a unit that matches your room size, as it will greatly affect cooling efficiency and power consumption.

Below is a guideline on recommended room size, based on the air conditioner's HP.

If the unit is too big for the room: The AC unit will cool your room very quickly, but it will not properly remove moisture or operate its full cycle. And not operating its full cycle means that running costs will be higher.

If the unit is too small for the room: If the unit is too small, it will have to work harder and longer to cool the room. This will cause the unit to break down sooner than expected, because it's always overworking, which, in turn, will result in higher running costs.

If the unit and room size are the right match: This is your ideal scenario. Installing a unit that's the right fit for the room optimizes the cooling operation, humidity, moisture, and power consumption.

Another thing to consider is the room's insulation. A room without proper insulation will have fluctuating temperatures and, in some cases, will be hotter than the outside air. Your electricity bill will also increases if your AC unit is working harder than it should.

Where you position the unit is also an essential factor in getting the most out of your AC. It should be set above your bed in order for you to quickly benefit from the cool air it delivers. Having it above the bed will also keep you from getting a dry throat in the morning.

Inverter VS Non-Inverter

The easiest way to differentiate an inverter-type air conditioner from a non-inverter one is that inverter-type ACs consume less power than the latter.

Inverter-types can regulate room temperature by adjusting its output depending on demand. A non-inverter only has one setting: it only turns on and keeps going until the desired temperature is reached. Without this flexibility, non-inverter units constantly run at full capacity, which means it requires more electricity.

The benefits of an inverter-type air conditioner becomes apparent in the long run, as the inverter is not overworked and tends to last longer. The compressor not having to always work at full capacity means you can save your electricity bills.

The only downside of inverter-types is that the cost of the unit and installation is greater than that of non-inverters.

There also are AC units labeled as "inverter-grades." These units do not have the same capabilities as an inverter-types, so be careful when purchasing.

To help you in choosing the best options, we have compiled a list of window air conditioner units that have a high rating online. We narrowed the list based on their horsepower output. The list we gathered also only consists of an inverter-type unit.

Best Under-1HP Window Air Conditioners

1. LG LA080EC

The LG LA080EC is an energy-saving air conditioner and is also fast-cooling. You have the option of operating the unit at a quiet sound level of 44dB. And with the ThinQ App you can control the LG LA080EC from anywhere, meaning a simple command can enable you to cool your home even from outside your house.

Other features of the LG LA080EC include Sleep Mode, Auto Restart, and the Auto Evaporating System.

LG LA080EC Key Specifications

Dimensions497 x 623 x 317 mm
Weight27.1 kg
Cooling8400 kj/h
Power Consumption690 W
Feature・Efficient Energy Saving ・Fast Cooling: Maximum Cooling ・Low Noise: Quiet Operation ・ThinQ (Wi-Fi) ・Modern Design ・Maximum Usability

2. Hitachi RA-08HVQ

The Hitachi RA-08HVQ is a compact window air conditioner with a self-diagnose function that can troubleshoot any errors that may arise.

The Aion filter on the Hitachi RA-08HVQ eliminates airborne fungi and bacteria to keep the air flowing from your unit clean.

Hitachi RA-08HVQ Key Specifications

Dimensions490 x 350 mm (wh)
Weight33 kg
Cooling8800 kj/h
Power Consumption667 W
Feature・3-Speed control ・Overheat, OverCurrent Protection ・Refrigerant: R410A ・Self-Diagnose Function ・Auto-Sweep Design ・Easy Access Filter ・Aion Filter ・Wireless Remote Control

Best 1HP Window Air Conditioners

1. Kolin KAG-110RSINV

The Kolin KAG-110RSINV features a fast cooling air conditioning mode which increases the fan speed to the highest setting and the temperature to the lowest setting to quickly cool any room. Despite this rapid feature, Kolin has also fitted the KAG-110RSINV with a "soft start-up" which will save your unit from electrical damages as it can regulate the flow of electricity at the start of the AC's operation.

Another highlight of the Kolin KAG-110RSINV is that it has a filter change indicator which helps remind you when the unit's filter needs cleaning. Lastly, its Blue Fin condenser is built with an anti-corrosion material which helps prevent any corrosion in the condenser.

Kolin KAG-110RSINV (1.0HP) Key Specifications

Dimensions560 x 708 x 375 mm
Weight43 kg
Cooling9950 kj/h
Power Consumption760W
Feature・High EER: 13.1 ・Quick cooling ・Precise Temp Control ・Soft Start Up ・Remote Control ・Filter Clean Indicator ・Easy Filter Removal

2. Hitachi RA-10HSV

The Hitachi RA-10HSV is an ideal window air conditioner if your main concern is to reduce your energy consumption cost. The dual fan motors provide better airflow which helps increase its efficiency.

Other highlights of the Hitachi RA-10HSV is its compact design, Aion filter, and self-diagnose feature.

Hitachi RA-10HSV Key Specifications

Dimensions470 x 340 x 600 mm
Weight33 kg
Cooling10100 kj/h
Power Consumption849 W
Feature・DC Inverter Compressor & DC Inverter Module ・Self Diagnose Function ・Auto Sweep Design ・Easy Access ・Aion Filter ・Wireless Remote Controller ・R410a Refrigerant ・Three-Speed Control

3. Dowell ACW-2i-1000RT

The Dowell ACW-2i-1000RT is very simple and basic. Dowell boasts of its estimated power consumption of PHP 2.29 per hour.

It may not pack neat features like other models, but quality and performance is its core selling point.

Dowell ACW-2i-1000RT Key Specifications

Dimensions68 x W 56 x H 40 cm
Power Consumption1450 W
Feature・1.0 hp cooling capacity ・9000Btu/h capacity ・Digital/ Push Button ・Side discharge ・R32 Refrigerant ・3 fan speed (Low, Medium, High) ・3-mode available (Cool, Dry, Fan) ・Adjustable Temperature ・Remote Controlled ・On/ Off Timer ・Swing Function ・Sleep Function ・Removable and washable air filter ・1450 watts

4. Panasonic CW-XS108VPH

The Panasonic CW-XS108VPH has a powerful mode that can increase compressor rotation speed to quickly cool any room. The dual fan motor helps the inverter in consuming less energy, in turn saving more operational cost.

Panasonic CW-XS108VPH (1.0HP) Key Specifications

Dimensions375 x 560 x 699 mm (hwd)
Weight40 kg (Net)
Feature・Recommended Floor Area (sg.m): 17-19 sqm ・EER (kJ/hW): 11.8 ・Power Supply: 230V, 60Hz ・Moisture Removal (L/h): 1.7 ・Air Circulation (m3/min): 14.5 ・Noise Level Range (low) dB: 46

Best 1.5HP Window Air Conditioners

1. Condura iWRAC 1.5 HP / WCONH012EEV

The Condura iWRAC 1.5 HP / WCONH012EEV has an energy-saving plug that will automatically turn your fan on when your unit is shut off. The 4 way air flow will direct air in four different directions to help disperse air in more directions and quickly cool a larger room area.

Condura iWRAC 1.5 HP / WCONH012EEV Key Specifications

Dimensions560 x 375 x 655 mm 22.10 x 14.76 x 25.79 inches
Cooling6000 - 12940 kj/h
Power Consumption625 - 1310 W
Feature- With LCD type Remote Control - Energy Savings Plug - 4 Way Air Flow Cooling - 24 Hour On/Off Timer - Non-auto restart

2. Koppel KV12WR-ARF31

The Koppel KV12WR-ARF31 is equipped with the brand's advanced 3DC inverter technology. It has an anti-bacterial filter that helps in providing clean air. The Gold Fins technology helps protect the condenser coils from external damage, brought about by accumulation of water, salt, and other chemicals.

Koppel KV12WR-ARF31 Key Specifications

Dimensions560 x 670 x 400 mm (WxDxH)
Weight44.4 kg
Cooling13188 kj/h
Power Consumption1008 W
Feature• DC Inverter Compressor • DC Inverter Fan Motor • DC Inverter Module • Gold Fins Condenser • Anti-Bacterial Filter • ECO-Friendly R32 Refrigerant

Best 2HP-or-Higher Window Air Conditioners

1. Condura iWRAC 2.0 HP / WCONH019EEV

The Condura iWRAC 2.0 HP / WCONH019EEV features a 4-way cooling system to help cool the room quicker. The easy access anti-bacterial filter can easily be changed, cleaned, and washed.

Condura iWRAC 2.0 HP / WCONH019EEV Key Specifications

Dimensions659 x 428 x 730 mm 25.94 x 16.85 x 28.74 inches
Cooling7500 - 18740 kj/h
Power Consumption710 - 1785 W
Feature- With LCD type Remote Control - Energy Savings Plug - 4 Way Air Flow Cooling - 24 Hour On/Off Timer - Non-auto restart

2. LG LA250EC

The LG LA250EC has a dual inverter which helps to perform better while being more cost efficient. The ThinQ app will allow you to control your AC from anywhere, making it handy when you want to cool your room before getting home. The quiet operation allows the unit to operate with a noise level of 44dB on low mode.

LG LA250EC Key Specifications

Dimensions660 x 779 x 450 mm
Weight50 kg
Cooling21000 kj/h
Power Consumption2140 W
Feature・Efficient Energy Saving ・Fast Cooling: Maximum Cooling ・Low Noise: Quiet Operation ・ThinQ (Wi-Fi) ・Modern Design ・Maximum Usability


Your AC unit will occasionally need repairs or maintenance. The filters inside the unit will trap dust and other pollutants that will affect air quality. The filters must be cleaned or replaced to maintain the aircon unit's effectiveness.

Regardless of how good, expensive or feature-packed the unit you buy is, your air conditioner will not last long or work as effectively as it should without proper maintenance.

Spec Comparison

Model LG LA080EC LG LA080EC Hitachi RA-08HVQ Hitachi RA-08HVQ Kolin KAG-110RSINV (1.0HP) Kolin KAG-110RSINV (1.0HP) Hitachi RA-10HSV Hitachi RA-10HSV Dowell ACW-2i-1000RT Dowell ACW-2i-1000RT Panasonic CW-XS108VPH (1.0HP) Panasonic CW-XS108VPH (1.0HP) Condura iWRAC 1.5 HP / WCONH012EEV Condura iWRAC 1.5 HP / WCONH012EEV Koppel KV12WR-ARF31 Koppel KV12WR-ARF31 Condura iWRAC 2.0 HP / WCONH019EEV Condura iWRAC 2.0 HP / WCONH019EEV LG LA250EC LG LA250EC
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Lowest Price P22,498 P25,088 P23,900 P25,799 P24,995 P26,795 P26,198 P31,200 P29,824 P38,595
Type Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window Window
Dimensions 497 x 623 x 317 mm 490 x 350 mm (wh) 560 x 708 x 375 mm 470 x 340 x 600 mm 68 x W 56 x H 40 cm 375 x 560 x 699 mm (hwd) 560 x 375 x 655 mm
22.10 x 14.76 x 25.79 inches
560 x 670 x 400 mm (WxDxH) 659 x 428 x 730 mm
25.94 x 16.85 x 28.74 inches
660 x 779 x 450 mm
Weight 27.1 kg 33 kg 43 kg 33 kg - 40 kg (Net) - 44.4 kg - 50 kg
Cooling 8400 kj/h 8800 kj/h 9950 kj/h 10100 kj/h - - 6000 - 12940 kj/h 13188 kj/h 7500 - 18740 kj/h 21000 kj/h
Power Consumption 690 W 667 W 760W 849 W 1450 W - 625 - 1310 W 1008 W 710 - 1785 W 2140 W
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