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Nov 20, 2020

Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines 2021

We break down ten of the country's best brands, which are noted for their impressive engineering in the air-conditioning industry. Are you feeling the breeze they provide as well?

Featured 40 products in this article

Next to refrigerators and TVs, air conditioners are a vital staple in most Filipino households now.

Despite our weather swinging between sweltering summer and rainy temperatures, the need for a cool breeze that can be controlled and flowing right through our homes has increasingly become more than necessary.

But as air conditioners now come with heft, literally and in terms of pricing, we see to it that everything vital is considered before finally deciding which is the best for our needs.

One of these considerations is determining which brand reflects your lifestyle. Meanwhile, other factors essentially remain the same. These include the total cost to install the aircon unit, its lifespan, accompanying warranties, energy efficiency, and the size that fits your home's square footage, which is crucial if you want your aircon to cool your place efficiently.

Of course, these aren't the only things that matter before buying an aircon. The factors to take into consideration have now doubled due to recent innovations in the industry.

Questions such as which aircon unit fits your place best, alongside determining the weight of the newest portable ones, usually come into focus.

But fret no more, we're not only answering these questions in this guide but also naming the best aircon brands in the local market.

Key Things to Consider when Buying an Air Conditioner

Apart from the aforementioned, there are numerous aspects to take heed of when trying to decide which unit or brand is best for your home.


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Just how much do you want to be cooled?

When dealing with this query, it is essential to ascertain how large or small the space is. Is the space as big as your garage? Is your bedroom small or incredibly enormous?

Whichever your space is, it is of utmost significance that you determine it first and relay this information to the salesman or spec of the aircon unit.

Construction and Material

Another critical factor to consider is the construction and material of the walls your chosen aircon unit is about to be installed to. In the Philippines, for example, there are now walls that are made out of wood. Is your wall cemented or the other way around?

Like the space in your house, these details must also be relayed accordingly.

Note as well that many air-conditioning installment companies offer complimentary home inspections in this regard. If there's anything with this kind of purchase, certainty is, without a doubt, the best consideration you can rely on.

Home Location and the Surrounding Environment

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The location of your house and the environment that surrounds are also crucial when one is considering buying an aircon unit.

Is the location under the sun constantly? Do you live in a home surrounded by nearby houses or tall trees that could shield your home and the aircon from the heat? Do you live in an environment that is relatively humid or moist?

Placement of the Aircon

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There are varying types of aircon units that can play a crucial role in whichever type of space you're living in.

There are select aircon units specifically provisioned for windows, floors, or walls.

Meanwhile, there are portable aircon units that are rather beneficial to users who don't like to poke a hole in their lovely homes. Central coolants to ductless or split coolants are also still a thing.

Financial Costs

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Ultimately, you need to take into account the cost of the aircon unit itself and the financial implications of getting or adding one to your bill.

Bigger aircon units require more electricity to run, while hotter climates require to be on for an extended period. Either way, your electricity is still bound to go up.

Thankfully, there are now many types of air-conditioning units that could alleviate the costs if one is too careful when choosing the right aircon unit relative to their budget.

Types of Air-conditioning Units

Whether you're aiming for a high-quality coolant or entirely on the lookout for something small and portable, these aircon types are guaranteed to keep you in the loop of things.

1. Portable Aircon

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As its name implies, these aircon units are portable and mobile. They cool rooms by removing heat out of the air, then dehumidify it. The air that gets returned subsequently is much cooler.

Here's the caveat with portable aircon units, though: These devices also exhaust the hot air from a separate exhaust port. As it is, they still need to be placed adjacent to the window or a semi-outdoor location for the hot air to be released out and away while the cool air is blown into your space.

2. Window Type Aircon

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These aircon units are installed into window frames or a square space specifically created to accommodate it. These units' half is inside your home, while the other half sticks out of the window.

Easily the most common aircon in the country, window-type units exhaust hot air out the device's back and blow cool air into the house.

Semi-portable at best, window type aircons free up space for furniture or other objects at home.

3. Ductless or Split-type Aircon

The most popular aircon nowadays is the ductless or most commonly known as the split-type variety.

Split-type aircons are noted for their high-efficiency cooling mechanisms. As most of these units now feature an inverter technology, they naturally give the most bang for your buck.

Ductless aircon units operate by featuring a main outdoor system and the cooling unit itself that is hooked on a wall.

One of its more popular features because of this setup is that the system is extraordinarily quiet. These units can also be placed virtually everywhere throughout your home.

Perhaps the only drawback of these units is that they don't come cheap in most cases.

Best Aircon Brands in the Philippines 2020

10. Sharp

Unlike most of its rivals, Sharp's air conditioners are not that well-advertised. Still, the Japanese tech behemoth managed to flourish in ways only this brand can pull off.

Sharp's aircon units are categorized into three separate lines, all of which are flooded with major features and specifications.

For its standard series, Sharp goes full-on with basic cooling functionalities. Meanwhile, the Sharp Inverter air conditioner series uses the much-needed inverter technology to allow users to save on electricity.

Finally, Sharp's premium Super Inverter air conditioner lineup is also equipped with integrated ion generation and deodorizing function.

Sharp in this segment has also pioneered the use of Plasmacluster antibacterial technology, which kills bacteria, molds, and viruses.

Recommended Sharp Aircons

9. Hitachi

If you want an aircon that features reliable cooling efficiency and happens to be on the inexpensive side, units from the Japanese aircon maker are among the best in its class.

Hitachi shines the most as a brand that manufactures value-for-money products, with its aircon units considered one of their hallmarks.

Another hallmark of Hitachi in this regard is its outstanding customer service.

Apart from Hitachi – Sharp, American Heritage, Dowell, and GE are now gaining traction in the local air-conditioning industry.

Recommended Hitachi Aircons

8. Samsung

Stylish by default, Samsung's prowess on aesthetics has thankfully been present a lot in its air-conditioning units. But its design isn't the only feature that sets it apart from its rivals.

Samsung air conditioners are now loaded with modern features such as integrated Wi-Fi. The feature allows users to control the system on their smart devices by downloading the brand's app.

Virtually all of their units can provide users with formidable cooling and heating effects while operating to a moderate level of efficiency.

If you want substance with style, Samsung is your very best bet.

Recommended Samsung Aircons

7. Haier

Apart from Hitachi, Haier aircons' reputation has now grown with so much love from modern consumers due to its excellent job on cooling and dehumidifying. Also, the units are of terrifically good value.

Haier is also commended for its flexibility in its units. They come in a versatile range of sizes, with feature options reliably good.

Some of the key features of a modern Haier aircon are Wi-Fi, essential comfort perks, and a 24-hour timer with a delayed start.

Along with air conditioners, Haier also sells products such as refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and televisions.

Haier is headquartered in Qingdao, China.

Recommended Haier Aircons

6. LG

LG is noted for owning one of the most expansive lineups of window air conditioners in the market, most of which are inundated with key features and modern technologies. The same can be had with their split-type units, which are also engineered to perfection.

LG air-conditioning features are also leading in the global aircon market, which is no surprise as to why it places itself on our local list. Their units are now sprawled across commercial and residential locations in the Philippines, with most of its consumers commending its reliability and top-notch customer service.

Recommended LG Aircons


One of the more popular budget-friendly aircon brands in the Philippines is DAIKIN. Along with Mitsubishi, this Japanese air-conditioning company has always been at the forefront of providing great aircon units with an excellent price-performance ratio.

DAIKIN is noted to have been the first company in Japan to offer an air-conditioning system. With a primary focus on air-conditioning, you can only expect the very best from this firm, whichever type you're eyeing.

Some of DAIKIN's aircon units' critical features are Power Chill mode, 3D Coanda airflow, stabilizer-free operation, and streamer discharge technology, among others.

Currently, DAIKIN operates in more than 150 countries. Its network is also considerably vast.

Recommended DAIKIN Aircons

4. Panasonic

Modern, sophisticated, and minimalist, Panasonic air conditioners are ideal for homes that already pride themselves on an aesthetic appeal.

Coupled with key features such as iAUTO-X quick cooling technology, Panasonic aircon units cool faster than most of its competitors. Its aircon units also feature the application of touch and air-filtration technologies, an Inverter mechanism, and a quiet operation.

Recommended Panasonic Aircons

3. Kolin

True to its "Works for Years" tagline, Kolin air conditioners do live up to expectations.

Alongside its aircon unit's longevity, Kolin's units are also noted for their fresh air production, all made possible by their provisions on air purification, dehumidification, and convection heater.

Kolin aircon units come in window types, split types, and light commercial types.

Kolin's window-type aircon units are equipped with energy-saving features, each of these specially engineered to achieve optimal performance and durability.

Its ductless aircon units, on the other hand, are also energy-efficient, with state-of-the-art features in tow.

For vast spaces in business settings, Kolin's light commercial air conditioners are also top-notch.

Recommended Kolin Aircons

2. Condura

The consistent air-conditioning consumer favorite in the Philippines still places itself high in our ranking. And for a good reason.

When it comes to cooling homes, Condura remains defiant in its dedication to providing outstanding reliability with its products and impeccable customer service.

Condura is simply one of those air-conditioning brands that deftly combines quality and savings, a potent duo amongst pragmatic Filipino buyers.

Condura has been in the business in the country for 50 years and counting.

Recommended Condura Aircons

1. Carrier

Definitively the most efficient air-conditioning brand, Carrier is a Filipino product through and through.

Under the same tutelage of Condura, leading cooling solutions provider Concepcion-Carrier, Carrier in the aircon category, is a powerhouse, bar none.

Carrier's aircon products are tailor-fit to its local consumers' cooling needs and conditions. The brand also manages and does it so well in maintaining sustainable business practices that mirror Filipinos' lifestyles.

Carrier has one of the most comprehensive portfolios in the business, offering window-type, high-wall, floor-mounted, and portable air conditioners. The brand also sells air purifiers.

Recommended Carrier Aircons


For an air-conditioning brand to successfully infiltrate a market, one must have religiously combined all the necessary features in their products, regardless of their price differences.

This is where Condura and Carrier stand tall. Under the guidance of Concepcion Industries, these brands have not only humbly managed a thriving presence in the local market but also, time and again, delivered solid products that reflect the deeply-rooted lifestyles of their consumers in a country that is inherently practical.

Search air conditioners by price range, type, brand, or function here.

Spec Comparison

Model Sharp AH-XS10VF Sharp AH-XS10VF Sharp AF-G502CM Sharp AF-G502CM Sharp AH-XS15VF Sharp AH-XS15VF Sharp AF-T517CM Sharp AF-T517CM Hitachi RAS-19HT Hitachi RAS-19HT Hitachi RAS-15HT Hitachi RAS-15HT Hitachi RA-10HVQ Hitachi RA-10HVQ Hitachi RA-10RB Hitachi RA-10RB Samsung AR12MVFHHWKNTC Samsung AR12MVFHHWKNTC Samsung AR09NVFXAWKNTC Samsung AR09NVFXAWKNTC Samsung AR09MVFHHWKNTC Samsung AR09MVFHHWKNTC Samsung AR18MVFHHWKNTC Samsung AR18MVFHHWKNTC Haier HW-09LM13 Haier HW-09LM13 Haier HW-12LN13 Haier HW-12LN13 Haier HSU-12VHJDBG Haier HSU-12VHJDBG Haier HW-18LNA13 Haier HW-18LNA13 LG HSN-09ISS LG HSN-09ISS LG HSN-12ISS LG HSN-12ISS LG HSN-24ISS LG HSN-24ISS LG LA100WC LG LA100WC DAIKIN D-Smart (1.5 HP) / FTKC35QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (1.5 HP) / FTKC35QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (1.0 HP) / FTKC25QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (1.0 HP) / FTKC25QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (2.0 HP) / FTKC50QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (2.0 HP) / FTKC50QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (2.5 HP) / FTKC60QVM DAIKIN D-Smart (2.5 HP) / FTKC60QVM Panasonic CW-SC65JPH (0.6HP) Panasonic CW-SC65JPH (0.6HP) Panasonic CW-SC95JPH (1.0HP) Panasonic CW-SC95JPH (1.0HP) Panasonic CS-PS12QKQ (1.5HP) Panasonic CS-PS12QKQ (1.5HP) Panasonic CW-XS128VPH (1.5HP) Panasonic CW-XS128VPH (1.5HP) Kolin KAG-110RSINV (1.0HP) Kolin KAG-110RSINV (1.0HP) Kolin KAG-150RSINV (1.5HP) Kolin KAG-150RSINV (1.5HP) Kolin KAG-60DME (0.6HP) Kolin KAG-60DME (0.6HP) Kolin KAG-80DME (0.75HP) Kolin KAG-80DME (0.75HP) Condura 6S 0.5HP (WCONZ006EC) Condura 6S 0.5HP (WCONZ006EC) Condura 6X 1.5HP (WCONH014EC) Condura 6X 1.5HP (WCONH014EC) Condura 6S 1.0HP (WCONZ010EC) Condura 6S 1.0HP (WCONZ010EC) Condura 6X 0.75HP (WCONH008EC) Condura 6X 0.75HP (WCONH008EC) Carrier Optima Green 0.5 HP (WCARZ006EC) Carrier Optima Green 0.5 HP (WCARZ006EC) Carrier Optima Green 1.0 HP (WCARZ010EC) Carrier Optima Green 1.0 HP (WCARZ010EC) Carrier Optima Green 0.75 HP (WCARZ008EC) Carrier Optima Green 0.75 HP (WCARZ008EC) Carrier OPTIMA 0.5 HP Carrier OPTIMA 0.5 HP
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Dimensions Indoor: 877 x 292 x 222 mm
Outdoor: 598 x 495 x 265 mm
470 x 335 x 378 (mm) Indoor: 877 x 292 x 222 mm
Outdoor: 598 x 495 x 265 mm
40.1 x 31.9 x 40.7 cm (LxHxW) Indoor: 1080 x 300 x 225 mm
Outdoor: 810 x 685 x 300 mm
Indoor : 910 x 300 x 215 mm
Outdoor: 730 x 600 x 290 mm
470 x 340 x 600 450 x 346 x 535 mm (WxHxD) Indoor Net: 820 x 285 x 227 mm
Outdoor Net: 660 x 475 x 242 mm
Indoor : 828 x 267 x 265 mm
Outdoor: 720 x 548 x 265 mm
Indoor Net: 820 x 285 x 227 mm
Outdoor Net: 660 x 475 x 242 mm
Indoor Net: 1065 x 298 x 243 mm
Outdoor Net: 790 x 548 x 285 mm
486 x 468 x 352 mm 600 x 560 x 382 (mm) - 660 x 691 x 428 (mm) Indoor : 837 x 308 x 189 mm (WxHxD)
Outdoor: 720 x 500 x 230 mm (WxHxD)
Indoor : 837 x 308 x 189 mm (WxHxD)
Outdoor: 720 x 500 x 230 mm (WxHxD)
Indoor : 998 x 345 x 210 mm (WxHxD)
Outdoor: 870 x 650 x 330 mm (WxHxD)
317 x 623 x 497 mm (HxDxW) 283 x 770 x 223 mm (HxWxD) 283 x 770 x 223 mm (HxWxD) 295 x 990 x 263 mm (HxWxD) 295 x 990 x 263 mm (HxWxD) 346 x 450 x 580 mm (HxWxD) 346 x 450 x 580 mm (HxWxD) 290 x 850 x 199 (mm) 375 x 560 x 699 mm (HxWxD) 560 x 708 x 375 mm 660 x 700 x 428 mm 472 x 400 x 324 mm (WxDxH) 450 x 580 x 350 mm (WxDxH) 406 x 310 mm 560 x 375 x 650 mm 470 x 354 mm 470 x 330 x 605 mm 406 x 310 x 344 mm (whd) 470 x 354 x 500 mm (whd) 470 x 354 x 500 mm (whd) -
Weight 8 kg (Indoor), 20 kg (Outdoor) - 9 kg (indoor), 20 kg (outdoor) 18.5 kg 13 kg (indoor), 48 kg (Outdoor) 11 kg (Indoor), 38 kg (Outdoor) 33 kg 32 kg 8.7 kg (Indoor) / 20.4 kg (Outdoor) 9.4 kg (Indoor), 24.5 kg (Outdoor) - 11.7 kg (Indoor) / 27.8 kg (Outdoor) 29 kg 35.7 kg 10.9 kg 46.8 kg 8.7 kg (Indoor), 21.7 kg (Outdoor) 8.7 kg (Indoor), 23 kg (Outdoor) 11.6 kg (Indoor), 42.5 kg (Outdoor) 26.4 kg - - - - 26 kg 26 kg 8 kg 40 kg (Net) 43 kg 50 kg 20 kg 31 kg - - - - 15 kg 24 kg 20.5 kg -
Cooling 9500 kj/h 5000 kj/h - - 19000 kj/h 15580 kj/h 10,350 kj/h 9500 kj/h 12600 kj/h 10200 kj/h 9500 kj/h 19000 kj/h 9000 kj/h 13200 kj/h 12550 kj/h 18150 kj/h 9706 kj/h 12660 kj/h 22683 kj/h 9500 kj/h 12.45 kj/h 12.52 kj/h 12.97 kj/h 11.77 kj/h 5500 kJ/h (0.6HP) 9500 kJ/h (1HP) 11020 kj/h - 9950 kj/h 13800 kj/h 6750 kj/h 8000 kj/h 5000 kj/h 12600 kj/h 9000 kj/h 7000 kj/h 5000 kj/h 9000 kj/h 7000 kj/h 5100 kj/h
Power Consumption 780 W - 1070W 550 W 1332 W 1066 W 841 W 894 W 1240 W 785 W 950 W 1760 W 860 W 1240 W 1090 W 1810 W 770 W 1030 W 1850 W 850 W 960 W 680 W 1365 W 1740 W 535 W 900 W 820 W - 760W 1078W 626 W 727 W 498 W 1160 W 855 W 680 W 495 W 850 W 583 W 495 W
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