Mar 20, 2018

2018 Yamaha XMAX: Specs, pricing and why you should buy one

After much anticipation, the 2018 Yamaha XMAX went on sale in the Philippines with a price tag of PHP249,000. Laced with security features such as traction control and ABS the 2018 Yamaha XMAX is driven by a 300cc liquid-cooled Blue Core engine.

Yamaha has a hugely popular MAX series that includes the TMAX and the NMAX scooters. And now much to the delight of scooter enthusiasts the Japanese company has made available a new 2018 Yamaha XMAX scooter in the Philippines. Although the scooter is launched with a delay, for its specs and features, it might quickly go on to win the hearts of riders.

The XMAX echoes the same design as that of the TMAX. Whether it is the design of the dashboard or the stepboard nothing has changed. The seat, as well as the rear portion, is pretty similar to the TMAX. Dimension wise the XMAX doesn't deviate much from the TMAX either.

The 2018 Yamaha XMAX has copious space under the seat compartment which is capable of housing not one but two helmets and other personal belongings of the rider. The icing on the cake, the storage space remains conveniently lit by LED lighting.

The windshield of the XMAX is aerodynamically designed to ensure that it doesn't interfere with the speed of the scooter. On the other hand, a tall windshield efficiently safeguards the rider from the wind and flying missiles. The ergonomic handlebar can be adjusted to 20mm closer to the rider, thereby significantly reducing the muscle ache of the rider, especially in the arm.

From the safety perspective, the 2018 Yamaha XMAX comes with ABS on the front and the rear disc brakes for abrupt braking. To avoid any wheelspin, the scooter makes use of the traction control through which the vehicle detects any tire slip and adjust itself. Further bolstering the security, the XMAX is armed with smart keys. Amongst other things, the scooter is laced with LED lightings and a power socket for charging purposes.

Under the hood, there is a 300cc liquid-cooled Blue Core engine which can displace 27 hp at 7250rpm. The engine uses fuel injection system for fuel efficiency and environment-friendly emissions.

The 2018 Yamaha XMAX is already up for sale in the Philippines through Yamaha 3S and multi-brand stores in two paint jobs: Bronze and Matte Gray. The scooter is, however, a bit pricier with a cost of PHP249,000. But it won't be a hindrance for the fans who were waiting for this scooter with bated breath. In any case, the benefits offered by the scooter are in abundance compared to the price.

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