Jul 20, 2018

Is Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid The Rival of Honda PCX Hybrid?

The reign of Honda in the hybrid scooter segment is soon coming to an end as Yamaha takes on its Honda PCX Hybrid with the 2018 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid.

The competition in the hybrid scooter segment is about to get heated as the Honda PCX Hybrid is officially getting a rival. But will it be one heck of a match? Let's find out.

Yamaha finally launches the 2018 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid in Thailand. And as soon as it got kicked off, most hybrid scooter enthusiasts are quick to point out that the new variant is targeting the currently reigning Honda PCX Hybrid. And for good reasons, the Grand Filano, apart from its familiar aesthetics, is also equipped with impressive specifications.

Specifically designed for urban use, the 2018 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid is powered by a single-cylinder 125cc Yamaha Blue Core engine that is fuel-generated by EFI; a Smart Motor Generator is also equipped. The latter feature gives the Grand Filano an edge on electrical power and fuel economy under certain conditions.

The 2018 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid runs on a CVT transmission that's aided with a start-stop engine, courtesy of the brand's Blue Core Efficiency engine design approach. As such, would-be Grand Filano Hybrid users are given the option to leave the start-stop engine on or off whenever it becomes feasible.

In terms of modern amenities, the 2018 Grand Filano Hybrid also doesn't disappoint as a modern urban scooter. All the works can be found in this hybrid scooter: a keyless start, a USB charging port, and a full LED lighting on both front and rear. Flexibility in the vehicle is also more pronounced as it comes with a 27-liter storage compartment that's situated right beneath the lift-up set. A more convenient and stowable passenger footpegs along with a colored TFT-LCD instrument panel are also thrown into the mix.

Given these modernized conveniences and competitive hybrid scooter specifications, there is no doubt that the 2018 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid has officially given the Honda PCX a legitimate rival. But as far as knowing which variant is infinitely better, it would be up to the eager crowd to decide that.

The 2018 Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid comes with a price tag of 62,000 Thai Baht (around PHP 99,500). It is set to be retailed in varying colors, depending on the chosen model.

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