Nov 13, 2019

Xiaomi Highlights Capabilities of Mi Note 10's 5x Camera

Xiaomi shares guidance on how to maximize the Xiaomi Mi Note 10's wide-angle, super-wide-angle, and ultra-long-focus/telephoto camera lenses in creating portrait shots, applying the concept of space compression.

Two days after the global release of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, also known as the Mi CC9 Pro in China, Xiaomi officially posted on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo guidance on using the handset's penta-camera setup and the concept of "space compression".

Xiaomi's flagship has made a lot of buzz since its arrival because of its impressive 108MP rear camera. While some critics say that more megapixels do not really mean better camera and that users do not really need a lot of lenses, many user reviews seem to favor the Mi Note 10's shooters as the best among the flock in terms of sharpness and details, at least for now.

Good thing Xiaomi offered guidance on how to make the most of the Mi Note 10's cameras explaining how the sensors can be used to create different results. Xiaomi was reported to have said in its Weibo post that users must know how to create great photos using the wide-angle and super-wide-angle lenses that most smartphones have these days. The Mi Note 10 has an additional ultra-long-focus camera lens that allows up to 10x hybrid zoom. Xiaomi suggests using this telephoto lens with the wide-angle and super-wide-angle sensors to achieve space compression effect even when shooting portraits. In photography lingo, this refers to the phenomenon where background elements appear larger than they are in real life, thereby creating a distorted scene. In its Weibo post, Xiaomi provided a focal length diagram indicating the position of the person against the background. It also shared sample image shots using this technique.

Lens x position x person x background

To explain the diagram further, when one uses a 28mm lens, the wide-angle lens captures more elements but the background will look very far in the resulting shot. But when zooming in 2x, for example, using the telephoto lens, the focal length then jumps from 28mm to 50mm, making the subject appear bigger as well. Thus, the subject needs to step back so that the lens will capture both the subject and the background nicely instead of the photo appearing constricted. When zooming in further, the subject needs to step farther back.

25mm main lens shot

50mm portrait lens shot

Super telephoto lens shot

Using the super wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses when shooting portraits is also suggested. In such portrait shots, the angle and size of the subject do not change, only the background perspective. Images were also shared showing this technique.

With this info, there surely are a lot of cool shots and effects that Xiaomi Mi Note 10 fans out there can create with its powerful camera ensemble.

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