Jul 2, 2019

Toyota Vios is Still the Philippines' Best-selling Passenger Car

The Vios by Toyota is one of the most common cars in the Philippines for a number of reasons: it's affordable, it has plenty of good features, and it has a good look. All these and more have been big factors in its achievement.

Toyota Motor Philippines' (TMP) Toyota Vios is the Philippines' best-selling vehicle across all categories for the month of May, having sold 12,295 units for the month. This information is based on the May 2019 Automotive Industry Performance Report which is released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc., also known as CAMPI. The Vios is assembled locally in Laguna, making this an even bigger achievement.

2019 Toyota Vios

Based on CAMPI's report, the Vios is the sole car from the Passenger Car or Commercial Vehicle category to breach the 10,000 units sold mark, with the Toyota Hilux in a far second with 8,723 units sold. Looking at the bigger picture, TMP has managed to sell 58,886 vehicles for this year, including their other offerings like the Fortuner, Wigo, and Innova.

Despite the increase in car prices thanks to the TRAIN law, the Vios' sales performance for May 2019 still managed to break the 3,000-unit monthly average sales figure for TMP. It's also important to note that the Toyota Vios accounted for 25% of the 50,097 total passenger car units sold across all brands. This is not a big surprise since the Vios is the car of choice of many TNV and Taxi operators thanks to its looks, decent performance, and friendly pricing.

Cristina Arevalo, the First Vice President for Brand & Product Planning of TMP says that "the passenger car segment is starting to gain momentum, and we're hoping that it would achieve higher growth levels in the coming months." She adds that "The Toyota Vios remains to be a preferred vehicle among Filipinos because of its great value and easy ownership and maintenance - backed by our commitment to quality, durability and reliability. Flexible and affordable financing schemes have been made available to customers–where car buyers can choose from low down payment or light monthly payments, plus other attractive deals that make owning a Vios easier on the pocket. Special offers to OFWs are also available."

TMP is actively offering enticing packages around the Vios, promising potential owners' peace of mind with making the investment, offering five-year warranties for the Vios G and E variants, which is more than the standard 3-year warranty offered for most cars. In addition, TMP offers free preventive maintenance packages for Toyota Vios owners up to 20,000 kilometers. Considering that preventive maintenance can be quite costly, this is an excellent value-added proposition.

If you plan on getting a Toyota Vios, be sure to check our page to make sure that you're getting the best deal. You can also visit your nearest Toyota dealership to know more details.

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