Aug 2, 2016

Lexus Turbo V6 engine equipped 2018 Toyota Supra??

Toyota partners with BMW to bring about the new Supra. Here's what you should expect.

If you're a Toyota Supra lover, then this piece of news may just make your day. Toyota hasn't released a Supra in more than a decade, but the recent partnership between Toyota and BMW may spell a new future of awesome sports cars that will be neither Japanese nor German, but something new and amazing.

And part of that equation is the vaunted new Toyota Supra. Whereas BMW will be looking to reiterate its old Z4 roadster, Toyota is reportedly looking to revive the Supra. The two new cars will be built by the Canadian-owned Magna Steyr operation near Graz, where the two models will be taking over production capacity previously allocated to the Mini coupe, Paceman, and Countryman. The former two will be discontinued while production for the Countryman will be moved to the Netherlands.

The new Supra will allegedly use a newly developed Lexus twin turbo V6 engine, code named 943F. It'll have 400 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. This will use a hybrid electrical drive system using conventional batteries for energy storage, and this should help Toyota keep up with the driving demand for fuel economy and emissions regulations in the modern world, something even sports car enthusiasts are becoming concerned with.

While BMW's partnership with Toyota will help reduce its costs for the upcoming Z5 model, but Toyota's partnership apparently means that both cars will be sharing the same transmission system and both will have similar multilink rear suspensions and differential housings. We'll be seeing traces of the Z5 in the Supra and vice versa, and this should be interesting to see when the final products come out.

The unfortunate part of this equation is that the new Supra is likely to come in quite expensive. It's rumored that it will be more expensive than a Corvette, putting it in the USD 50,000 bracket and up (around PHP 2.3M).

Both cars are expected to come out in 2018, so Toyota and BMW have less than two years to get everything ready.

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