Feb 13, 2018

Toyota sells a record of 1.52 million of electrified vehicles in 2017

Toyota announced it has sold 1.52 million electrified cars in 2017 achieving its target of 1.5 million of annual sales by 2020. It is an 8 percent growth achieved over the sales in 2016. The milestone has helped the company to reduce more than 90 million tons of CO2 emission.

After debuting the hybrid car, Prius in Japan in 1997, Toyota is in the electrified car business for the last two decades and growing with each passing year. It is only because of its standing as an iconic car maker Toyota can take bold decisions to align itself with the environmental norms in letter and spirit.

Toyota Prius

It was back in 2015 that the Japanese conglomerate had set a number of goals as part of its "Environmental Challenge 2050" program. And one of the goals has already been achieved three years ahead of its original target.

Toyota revealed that in 2017, it has achieved a milestone of selling 1.52 million electrified cars as against its goal of selling 1.5 million units annually by 2020. The sales figure for 2017 is already 11.47 million more than the sales witnessed in 2016.

For Toyota, this represents a total of 8 percent increase over the last year's sale. The spurt in sales of electrified cars in 2017 has led to the reduction of more than 90 million tons of CO2 emission as claimed by the company.

Toyota Executive VP Shigeki Terashi said that last year's achievement "is a testament from our customers to the quality, durability, and reliability of our electrified powertrains", he further added, "and, thanks to them, has led us to establish a solid and sustainable foundation for mass producing a more diverse portfolio of electrified vehicles across our range moving forward."

Last year's growth puts the company on course to achieve its next milestone of selling 5.5 million electrified vehicles annually by 2030. Apart from selling electrified cars, Toyota as part of Environmental Challenge 2050 has goals to sell 30,000 fuel cell vehicles by 2020 as well as mass production of batteries of electric vehicles in 2020. For a larger picture, all the targets are meant for reducing new vehicle CO2 emissions by 90 percent by the year 2050.

To put things into perspective, the growth in the sales of electrified vehicles hasn't been steady in recent few years. After peaking in 2013, Toyota had to witness a slump in sales in 2014 and 2015. And then in 2016, it marked a comeback with 1.4 million sales, which has now improved to 1.52 million in 2017. Nevertheless, with a healthy forecast, the recent trend of the upsurge in sales is expected to continue in the future as well.

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