Jun 28, 2018

Toyota Reveals New Corolla Sport, Targets Millennials and Young Drivers

A new revamped, sporty variant has officially been added to the Corolla lineup which is one of the world's best-selling cars. And with its noted target demographic, the future couldn't be much lucrative for the Japanese automobile manufacturer.

Roving millennials and young drivers in the metro, this is not a drill. Toyota has just released its newest Corolla especially made just for you!

Toyota Motor Corporation released a new Corolla variant this Tuesday in Japan that comes with a major sporty makeover. Aimed to attract younger buyers who are into sporty aesthetics, the new-generation Corolla Sport is also equipped with new interactive functions that include e-Care Service and LINE My Car Account.

Touted as the first-generation connected car that accommodates newer mobilities that cater to younger drivers of today. Some of these functions are the on-board DCM (Data Communication Module) which is currently the standard in all Corolla Sport variants. This feature is responsible for enabling remote driving guidance and vehicle diagnosis.

More on its design front, the new Corolla Sport boasts of premium sporty design along with a top-of-the-line interior construction. Meanwhile, a high-quality, comfortable, and fun driving experience can be all achieved with the car's much-improved TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). On the other hand, the latest Toyota Safety Sense should detect bicycles and pedestrians during night driving.

Currently, the Toyota Corolla's top market comes from the elderly, with an average age of around 70. This exact image is what drove the Japanese automobile manufacturer to come up with this new Corolla Sport. The chief engineer of the Corolla Sport, Yoshiki Konishi shares, "We're grateful that our older customers have remained loyal to the Corolla. But we want the Corolla to resonate more with younger drivers... we want to target people in their 20s and 30s."

With the new Corolla Sport's revamped image and sporty offerings, Toyota is now surely en route to not only appeal the millennials in Japan, but also those consumers who are still on the fence back when the series didn't have this sporty variant.

The Toyota Corolla has sold a staggering 46 million units in more than 150 countries since its inception in 1966.

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