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TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream Price in the Philippines

TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream

Lowest Price P190 3 Prices
Moisturize and gives keratin to fragile nails and dry cuticle
  • Hand Cream
  • 30 mL, Moisturizing
TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream

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Isanghessi, Pikachu, Togepi

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Specs of TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream

Basic Size 30 mL
Features Benefits Moisturizing
Skin Type All Skin
Color Color White , White , White , White , White , White , White , White

Video of TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream

[TESTERKOREA] TONYMOLY Hand Cream (Pokemon Edition)

[TESTERKOREA] TONYMOLY Hand Cream (Pokemon Edition)

About TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream

Which TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream Is For You?

They say that you can tell a person's age by their hands. And this is actually true because unlike the face, hands take the brunt of most of our labors. And if you happen to be the type who does the laundry without slathering on some hand cream afterward, then your hands might not be in their best shape.

Why Hand Creams Are Important

Moisturizing your entire body is extremely important if you want to keep your skin looking soft and supple. Lotions are designed to trap moisture in the body to keep the skin hydrated, and in the long run, more elastic. However, the most important parts of the body to moisturize are your hands and face.

Hydrating the skin on your face is a given because your face gets the most sun exposure, which means it's most likely to get wrinkles and sun spots if not moisturized regularly. For the hands, putting on hand cream a couple of times a day is important. This is because washing our hands with soap or using hand sanitizers can dry out the skin on our hands, especially the cuticles.

So for those of you looking for the perfect hand cream that's handy to keep in your bag, turn to the adorable TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Creams!

The TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Creams

Like with most Korean products, these hand creams have the cutest design. They come in little 30ml tubes that are easy to store in your purse, in your desk drawer, or even in your pocket. These TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Creams also come in an assortment of scents that you'll love.

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Pikachu Vanilla

Pikachu is undoubtedly the most popular Pokemon character, and thus he gets one of the most sought-after scents. This hand cream designed with the image of the popular thunder rat bears the rich scent of vanilla.

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Charmander Grapefruit

As bright and punchy as the Pokemon design on its packaging, the Charmander hand cream has the fresh and citrusy grapefruit scent. This is one of the scents you'll want to have on hand when you want to clear your mind.

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Bulbasaur Green Tea

Our favorite lettuce-bearing Pokemon gets the green tea scent because, well, he's the only leafy one that's popular among Pokemon viewers. As we know, green tea is filled with antioxidants that can help reverse the signs of aging on your hands.

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Squirtle Lotus

If a flower grows on water, then no other design but the lovable turtle Pokemon will do! This floral scent evokes a sense of calm, so rub it all over your hands during times when you need to relax your mind.

From left to right, Vanilla / Grapefruit / Green Tea / Lotus

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Jigglypuff Peach

Jigglypuff is undoubtedly one of the most adorable Pokemon in the franchise. Designed to be a balloon Pokemon that uses its cute charm to overcome adversaries, it's as cute as a peach!

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Togepi Lemon

While looking nothing like a lemon, Togepi represents this fresh and light hand cream scent. The lemon scent is known to help awaken the mind when you're feeling drowsy, so use this hand cream when you need a quick pick me up in the morning.

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Snorlax Lavender

Lastly, we have the sleepiest Pokemon, Snorlax to grace the packaging of this relaxing scent. Lavender is known to help relax the mind and even help people sleep better. So before you go to bed, take Snorlax's hand cream with you to help you get a good night's sleep.

TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream Eevee Soft Powder

This super light and refreshing hand cream get Eevee on its packaging because if you want the sweetest, most charming Pokemon in your purse you'll go for Eevee!

From left to right, Peach / Lemon / Lavender / Soft Powder

Which of these TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Creams do you want to have in your purse all the time?

Reviews of TONYMOLY Pokemon Hand Cream

User Review : 2Reviews

Total 4.5


Nice and smells sooo good!

Nag purchased ako ng hand cream na ito dahil sobrang gusto ko ng mga pokemon characters na nasa tube. Para sa ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Date : Dec 21, 2017
  • Review by Yumie


Tony Moly Pokemon Hand Cream

I love using this hand cream talaga hindi gaya nung mga na try ko na hand cream ito moisturizing lang siya sa ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.0
  • Date : Aug 23, 2017
  • Review by tooSwag

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Scented hand cream

Hi about this Tony Moly Pokemon Hand Cream. With its different color, does it scented? Thanks for good answers.

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