Skyworth 50 in. 50E77 Reviews

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Full HD LED TV, 3D comb filter and HDMI USB slots are supported.
  • LED
  • 50 inch
Skyworth 50 in. 50E77

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Overall Rating

Design 4.0
Operability 4.0
Picture Quality 5.0
Sound Quality 4.0
Motion Tracking 4.5
Functionality 4.5
Size 4.0
Input-output Terminal 4.5
Quietness 4.0
Total 4.3

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Angelou Dela Cruz

  • Review by Angelou Dela Cruz
  • Aug 14, 2014
Design 4.0
Operability 4.0
Picture Quality 5.0
Sound Quality 3.0
Motion Tracking 4.0
Functionality 4.0
Size 4.0
Input-output Terminal 4.0
Quietness 4.0
Total 4.0

Hd display

Skyworth TV is made to make viewers more comfortable in watching their favorite movies , its really true that you can find comfortable and convenient in this skyworth tv, with fully HD display,

LED display with combination of 3D filter it means you can also experienced the best quality of 3D just like in cinema effects, and also supported with lots of ports such as HDMI terminal that enables played movies using other gadgets , just connect it, it has also usb ports , lots of functions thats why lots of things you can used this tv.

I like the design its flat and not so heavy top carry
I like the Picture quality so clear and bright
I like the Functionality, it ie responsive and useful
I like the power consumption not so high
Don't like the sound system , poor speaker
Don't like the price, quite expensive

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Marvic Acosta

  • Review by Marvic Acosta
  • May 20, 2014
Design 4.0
Operability 4.0
Picture Quality 5.0
Sound Quality 5.0
Motion Tracking 5.0
Functionality 5.0
Size 4.0
Input-output Terminal 5.0
Quietness 4.0
Total 4.6

skyworth t.v

Its quite confusing,because this t.v is not famous but you will amazed on how it perform the screen is too sharp and bright its really colorful t.v..full hd led t.v,and its complete with connectivity like hdmi and usb port slots it supported also a perfect software and the consumption of the energy is more less than my other t.v..a 50 inch flatscreen t.v like this skyworth cost 50,000 only its more cheaper right,and its worth it,.im contented this t.v it really entertains my family,skyworth t.v is not choosy in connecting dvd player any kind of dvd player can be played.

Good Review

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