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A 9.5 kg Twintub Washing Machine. Features with 15 Minutes Wash Timer / 5 Minutes Spin Timer and Rat-Proof Base.
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Sharp ES-9525T

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Overall Rating

Design 2.5
Usuability 3.0
Detergency 3.5
Quietness 2.5
Size 3.0
Function/menu 3.0
Total 2.9

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Riena Jed

  • Review by Riena Jed
  • May 10, 2018
Design 4.0
Usuability 4.0
Detergency 4.0
Quietness 4.0
Size 4.0
Function/menu 4.0
Total 4.0

manual but durable

This washing machine is much bigger and it has the capacity of 9.5kg. twin tub design we have already used this at home and the experience are good but compared to a very expensive brand this has a very manual settings aside from that but aside from that we already used it for 2 years and still it works good although there are times that im having a hard time cleaning this because the drainage is clogged but that was before because you need also to be careful with your clothes in putting them inside the washing without checking if there is something inside the pocket that can causes clogged.

Good Review

Little Point of View

  • Review by Little Point of View
  • May 5, 2018
Design 1.0
Usuability 2.0
Detergency 3.0
Quietness 1.0
Size 2.0
Function/menu 2.0
Total 1.8

cheap material

I hate this Sharp washing machine because the cover is not even attached to its body. It does not even fit perfectly on the hole you need to take time in putting it back. It even splashes water outside because it shakes too much without the cover. Turn buttons are not even good, it is kind of lose it may easily break with too much use.

Good Review

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