Jun 5, 2019

Samsung Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force: Slimmer and Faster Laptops Unveiled

Samsung has been busy making waves in the smartphone field, but people tend to forget that they also offer other electronic devices such as laptops. The latest laptops from the South Korean giant look promising at packs features that make it an ideal partner even for the most demanding users.

Samsung has announced their newest laptop offerings, the Notebook 7 and Notebook 7 Force, both of which combine powerful hardware and a stylish, sleek look that promises to appeal to both casual and power users.

Notebook 7

The Samsung Notebook 7 comes in two variants: a Notebook 7 13" and a Notebook 7 15" model. Both variants offer full HD resolution and a slim form factor that makes it easy for users to take it with them on the go, something that frequent travelers can appreciate. The display panel on this laptop has a superior screen-to-body ratio that makes it a pleasure to watch movies on or to get some productive work done. The HD LED panel makes it possible for users to work even in bright conditions, something that most laptops have difficulty handling. This laptop also offers an extra SSD expansion slot in case extra storage is required.

The Notebook 7 comes in a slim and light form factor that looks like it's ready to give the MacBook Air a run for its money. Its edges feature smooth edges and a display panel with very minimal bezels, giving users bigger display space. Samsung added in some thoughtful features like better ergonomics and other small improvements which makes it an ideal daily partner.

The Samsung Notebook 7 also features Gigabit Wi-Fi technology, which paired with the right router and internet connection, can transmit and receive large files in a jiffy. This makes it easier for business users who need to download large presentation files on the go or for streaming users who want to watch their shows in full high definition with no buffering. With regard to sound, the Notebook 7 features Dolby Atmos audio, making viewing experiences very immersive.

Notebook 7 Force

The Notebook 7 Force comes with a 15.6″ display panel with full HD resolution. The graphics on this laptop is driven by NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1650 GPU, which is powerful enough for content creators to create videos or edit photos without encountering slowdown. The Notebook 7 Force features powerful hardware that caters to power users and content creators who frequently push their computers to the limit.

The Notebook 7 Force also comes with the same Gigabit Wi-Fi as the Notebook 7 that allows users to send or receive files at blazing speeds with the right connection.

Both the Notebook 7 and the Notebook 7 Force will feature Intel's 8th Generation Core processors, but there are no specifics released by Samsung. For added biometric security, both notebooks will feature a fingerprint scanner, giving users added peace of mind.

The Notebook 7 will cost USD 999.99 (around PHP 52,004), while the Notebook 7 Force will be priced at USD 1,499 (around PHP 77,956). Both laptops will initially be offered in South Korea and in Hong Kong, with availability in the US and Brazil to follow later this year. The Notebook 7 will also be available in China. There's no official word from Samsung Philippines about local availability.

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