Oct 16, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note9 to pack under-display fingerprint scanner, says KGI analyst

Next year's Galaxy Note will allegedly have a feature that was supposed to be in this year's Galaxy Note8 and the iPhone X.

One of the biggest issues people have with the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is its fingerprint scanner. To be specific, it's the placement of the scanner, which is found at the rear to the left of the camera. The idea was to hold the phone in your right hand and conveniently unlock it with a quick flick of the index finger, but in practice this didn't go down too well. The new Galaxy Note9, however, apparently fixes this issue.

Rumors indicate that the Galaxy Note9 will have an under-display optical fingerprint scanner, which people were expecting to see with the Galaxy Note8 and with the iPhone X. There were rumors that both Apple and Samsung were scrambling to get a fingerprint scanner under the screen to work with the no-bezel design of the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note8, but neither company was able to get a working concept to market.

The Galaxy Note9 apparently changes that, and will have the fingerprint scanner under the display. The prediction comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has analyzed the supply chain. We can assume that he has seen the supply components and has knowledge of the components going into the Galaxy Note9.

Whether this will be a big game changer remains to be seen, but Samsung definitely wants to beat Apple to the punch when it comes to the technology. Samsung and Apple aren't the only companies in the picture for the under-display scanner technology though. Three companies are looking to win the contract from Samsung in order to supply the parts for the optical fingerprint sensor. These companies include Egis, a Samsung supplier that already supplies standard fingerprint sensors to Samsung. The other two are Korean companies, BeyondEyes and Samsung subsidiary Samsung LSI, which have already shipped part samples to Samsung to win the contract.

If things work out as planned, Samsung may have the Galaxy Note9, which can be unlocked just by placing a finger on a specific part of the screen. How excited are you for this technology? Will you be getting the Galaxy Note9 next year?

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