Apr 2, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note9 to Launch in July Due to Weak Galaxy S9 Sales

Samsung may be hurrying its release schedule this year for its flagship phablet, in part due to the Galaxy S9 selling badly.

We previously reported on the Galaxy Note9's firmware being spotted early, along with a benchmark listing on Geekbench. Why is Samsung in a hurry to work on the Galaxy Note9? Now, a new investor report has come to light with the numbers, and it seems Samsung is rushing out the Galaxy Note9 to make up for the poor numbers of the Galaxy S9.

It's unusual for the Galaxy Note line to show up before April, and in fact, reports from industry watchers indicate that Samsung is already gearing up to produce the Galaxy Note9's AMOLED panels in April when usually production begins in June. The Investor, a Korean publication that provides information on making smart investment choices, has reported the earlier-than-expected production from Samsung Display and predicts that the Galaxy Note9 will be launched sometime in July or August. It's a bold prediction, but it's true that the Galaxy S9 didn't sell well in South Korea, mostly because the phone didn't really do much to differentiate itself from its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, or even the mid-range Galaxy A8 (2018).

Galaxy Note8

Samsung is also allegedly feeling the pressure from Apple. Last year, the Galaxy Note8 did pretty well thanks to the iPhone X being delayed and late to the party, not being available for many consumers until November. It's quite normal for Samsung to pre-empt the iPhone with the Galaxy Note launch, but not this early. Typically, Samsung schedules its launch for the Galaxy Note8 a week or so before Apple's keynote presentation in September, an obvious attempt to steal the wind from Apple's sails.

Launching in July would seem too early for this approach, so Samsung may be trying to build a sales lead before the new iPhone comes out instead. That is assuming the prediction comes true; there's a lot of rumors around the Galaxy Note9, including a large 6.38-inch display that is slightly larger than last year's Galaxy Note.

It remains to be seen whether Samsung will actually launch early, but the early display production does hint that the Korean manufacturer is moving up the schedule.

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