Jul 12, 2019

Samsung Aims the Galaxy Note10 Towards Productivity Users

Samsung has always managed to impress users with their Galaxy Note line of smartphones, and it looks like the Galaxy Note10 will keep up with that tradition thanks to its polished looks and powerful new features.

Samsung has recently released a new teaser for the Galaxy Note10 which is a short video clip showing the device being used in place of several devices - a desktop in an office setting, using the DeX functionality, and as a laptop outside the office.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Teaser

The message that Samsung is delivering with the new teaser is that the Galaxy Note10 is powerful enough to replace several devices, making things easier for productivity users. It shows how the device was easily switched from one mode to another while still being able to maintain a high level of usability.

Galaxy Note9 and Samsung DeX

Considering that DeX mode is not perfect right now, the Galaxy Note10 is powerful enough to serve as a backup laptop computer in case of an emergency. The teaser video also shows off the new Galaxy S Pen which is rumored to get new features as well and considering that Samsung added Bluetooth Low Energy to the S Pen last year, that could very well be the case this year as it is speculated that the company may add more functionality to the stylus.

In line with the teaser video mentioned above, another Galaxy Note10 teaser rotated around the theme 'Superpower means doing the impossible', which some have speculated as Samsung's hint at releasing a Spider-Man-themed Galaxy Note10, which could be a possibility considering that the device launches on August 8, which is a day after the latest Spider-Man movie's international premiere. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9

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This approach is a slight deviation from the marketing tactic used on the Galaxy Note9, which was marketed for its high-quality camera and its superior gaming performance. Since the UNPACKED event is taking place next month, we could be in store for more marketing teasers soon. Interestingly, both postings were taken down from Samsung's official Twitter accounts, several hours later.

In other news, there are leaked images of the Galaxy Note10 and the Galaxy Note10+ floating around which show off their all-screen display panels. The Galaxy Note9 was impressive enough though it does have very small bezels on the top and bottom of the panel, but the new Galaxy Note10 line gets rid of those tiny bezels, making the display size slightly larger. The front-facing camera is now going to be placed in the punch-hole located on the top of the screen.

The rear panel comes in two finishes, one in black, and the other in gray with a gradient finish, which is similar to what HUAWEI has done for the P30 Pro. The gradient finish Galaxy Note10 will come with a blue S Pen. The fingerprint reader is no longer located on the rear panel, and gone is the heart rate sensor which was on the Galaxy Note9. There is now a three-camera setup on the rear, compared to the two-camera setup on the Galaxy Note9.

Since the bottom ports are not visible on the leaked images, it cannot be confirmed right now whether Samsung has decided to do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack. Considering that the Note series has managed to impress with its sound quality, audiophiles are hoping that the Galaxy Note10 retains that feature.

There are fewer buttons on the new smartphone with rumors saying that the Bixby button is no longer part of the layout, but that remains to be seen. The fingerprint reader is now located underneath the display panel, making the unlocking process easier.

In regards to the RAM and ROM configuration, the latest leaks suggest that the Galaxy Note10 will be offered with a 12GB RAM/1TB storage variant, but considering that the launch is a few weeks away, this information will be validated very soon, so be sure to stay tuned for the latest details about the Galaxy Note10.

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