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RUSI Mojo for sale in the Philippines April 2021


Model Mojo
Displacement(cc) 110.00
Available Color
  • Orange
km Per Liter -
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) -
Weight(kg) 160.0
L*W*H(mm) 1,780 x 775 x 1,033
Type Mini
Offical Price

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Rusi Mojo 110

Rusi Mojo 110


  • Sep 29, 2020

RUSI Mojo 2019

RUSI Mojo 2019


    • Black
  • 2019
  • 10,000-14,999km
  • Apr 22, 2020

Rusi Mojo 110 2016 RUSH!

Rusi Mojo 110 2016 RUSH!


  • CALABARZON - Cavite
  • Feb 26, 2020

Rusi Mojo 110

Rusi Mojo 110


  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Feb 26, 2020




  • 2019
  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Feb 4, 2020




  • Jan 28, 2020




  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Jan 28, 2020




  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Jan 8, 2020

Rusi mojo 200

Rusi mojo 200


  • Nov 18, 2019

RUSI Mojo Motorcycle Accessories & Parts

About RUSI Mojo


RUSI Motors Company is a moderately brand new in the great Filipino bike circuit. It represents Ramas Uypitching and Sons Inc. It is only there for 2 to 3 years in the Filipino market, however, in those couple of years, they have created so many brand-new models. These models are such as under-bone bikes, tricycles, and scooters. Not only the scooters, bikes, and tricycles, RUSI motors company is additionally familiar to vend Wave style bikes, alongside a few kinds of Sniper designed motorcycles just as fundamental to the under-bone bikes. RUSI Motors Company is now situated in Bugo, in the Philippines. Since this organization is essentially a local originated one in the Philippines, numerous Filipino local people utilize their bikes. Indeed, it has been accounted that lower working-class individuals utilize a bike that has a place with a local organization in the Philippines.

RUSI doesn't have a standing authentic and long foundation in this bike business sector. It is an exceptionally youthful brand that began in the Philippines itself and fundamentally serves the center just as the lower-working class Filipino individuals. It initially started in Dumaguete City. Even though it had a small starting, RUSI engines are finding real success. It has different branches all over the Philippines. One of the RUSI motor's branch is situated on Bataan. Other branches, RUSI likewise has different outlets to give a more noteworthy connection to their clients. The main two well-known outlets are in the places of Dinalupihan and Mariveles – the two of them are in the Cagayan de Oro.

RUSI is considered to be a steady brand in the Philippines. They have reliably created preferably new designed and they have improved a lot at their general image an incentive over the most recent few years. Nonetheless, the essential explanation behind RUSI's prevalence in this nation is a direct result of 2 specific occasions. How about we look at them. What are you waiting for? Start reading to know better about these RUSI motorcycles. RUSI presented the brand new designed under-bone bikes in the Philippines a few years ago. This has surely improved their deals and expanded its prevalence. The RUSI Mojobikes are very affordable that even common people can afford it. Not only the motorcycles but also the tricycles are also available.

Notwithstanding that, the RUSI has altogether brought down the costs of the RUSI Mojomotorcycles to benefit their customers and attract more potential customer. This is the master plan for the expansion of their motorcycles all over the country. This has assisted with expanding their client base as lower-working class individuals of the Philippines have had the option to benefit RUSI bikes with no issue.

This RUSI Mojogives you excellent performance for its price.

The RUSI Mojo110cc bike is a small bike that comes at the most affordable price in the Philippines. Because as we mentioned in the summary it is the local brand. The aim of this bike is to satisfy its customers and make bike available to low income people. It consists of 3.5 liters of the fuel tank. Its performance is very good when compared to other companies. And no other motorcycle or scooter comes with this bike's specifications at a reasonable cost. The RUSI Mojobike weighs about 160 kgs in total. It consists of tubeless wheels at both front and rear. It goes up to 18 to 20 kilometers per liter of petrol.

The RUSI Mojobike comprises of a 110cc engine in the Philippines and it offers 5.6 to 6.5 hp of capacity to the bike. It comprises of one sort of beginning framework and that is the kick-starting framework. In any case, the engine of the RUSI Mojodoesn't change from one nation then onto the next nation. It is similar everywhere on over the world, in contrast to different motorcycles.

The RUSI Mojobike is a two-seater motorcycle and it has a length of 1870 mm width of 775 mm. The cost of this bike in the Philippines is ₱10,000. The tires of this bike are tubeless and durable. It additionally comprises a sharp shade framework, a side-stand switch, and stopping brake storage that causes you to lock the bike securely. The RUSI Mojobike has greater and durable wheels when compared to the other RUSI Company's motorcycles. The front tire size of the RUSI Mojois roughly 80/90 - 14M/C and the back-tire size is 85/90-14M/C 46P.

The RUSI Mojomotorcycle has 3.5 liters of the fuel tank and it weighs 160 kg, which is viewed as heavier when contrasted with other companies' motorcycles. The RUSI Mojohas a ground leeway of 152 mm. It additionally comprises the double-stopping mechanism for security purposes. This double slowing mechanism helps in keeping up the harmony between the brake power among the front brake and the back brake. The RUSI Mojogoes alongside the best horn frameworks. You can discover this RUSI Mojomotorcycle in just one color and that is orange-hued one. The RUSI Mojomotorcycle is a mix of orange, silver, and dark hues. This gives an ideal slick search for a perfect bike. There are some vibrations felt through the handlebars when you are riding it.

If you need to go for a ride with your companions and friends and family this is the best reasonable motorcycle that you will never find anywhere in the Philippines. For this bike, its essence of drive and ride is very much characterized by sharp body control. It is agreeable to drive it around and how it moves and steers assists with recollecting the best motorcycles of the past times. The dampers of this bike have been revamped which has extended the road holding and security without trading off the treatment of this motorcycle. The engine is a strong entertainer too and is extremely quiet while switching it. The mileage proportion will drop in the end extra if you decide to drive it rather fastly, dependent upon the region. Its ride on this RUSI MojoMotorcycle is a comfortable one. This RUSI Mojois an all in one motorcycle with good specifications. It is considered to be a great bike because of its good and comfortable ride.

This RUSI Mojomakes you feel it as a sports bike for its sporty looks.

RUSI Mojois mainly focused more on the common individuals particularly the lower-income people. At present every individual wants a bike with all specifications at a reasonable cost, this RUSI Mojois that kind of bike. This RUSI Mojois only available in one color i.e., orange. When compared to the prior models the RUSI Company gave it a facelift to attract the customers. When contrasted with the earlier models the RUSI motor company gave it a facelift to draw in the clients. At the point when we consider the exterior aspects of the motorcycle the clients anticipate a sporty and dashing look. That front light is at present a daring multi-reflector unit that gets enormous pointers together with gigantic modified mist light. The sidelights give the bike a total dashing look. The design on the fuel tank makes go crazy and the company's name 'RUSI" is embodied in the fuel tank. There will be an orange dome on both the front and rear wheels.

The alluring front light encourages you to see things around in the low light of evening time which are a long way from you. The speedometer helps you by displaying the speed and fuel on the bike. The seat is stepped up towards the end that gives the bike sportier look and comfortable ride for pillion. The taillight is similarly similar to the foremost end and gives you the complete look. These tires are tubeless ones and they can go easily in the uneven streets. The exterior part of the fuel tank is orange in color. And the dome of the bike is of fully the orange color and the wheels are black colored. You can also see there is a silver-colored coating on the engine and other parts of the vehicle. The wheels and other parts of the vehicle are black. Overall this Ruis Mojomotorcycle is a combination of orange, silver, and black colors. Its design and features are excellent for its price. The manufacturer of this company said that they manufactured this bike, especially for low-income people.

At the front, there is a simple speedometer alongside the orange light. The tail of the bike is relatively far from the wheel that gives you a perfect sporty look even though it's not a sports bike. On the handlebars, there are two mirrors on it. They both are 360 degrees and rotatable ones. It helps you to see the vehicles coming behind you. The little lights next to the front lamp help you to give the sign when you are turning. The components of this RUSI Mojobike are 1,780 x 775 x 1,033. It has a wheel size of 80/90- 14M/C and 85/90- 14M/C at both front and back. This RUSI Mojogives you a new shiny look that makes you go insane.

In any case, the best part about the engine is the fuel use figure. Although it is a heavy motorcycle you can travel without any problem with this.

Although it is a heavily weighted one, all age groups can drive this motorcycle comfortably.

The Mojogoes with normal flexible front forks in the front and a unit swings in the back that functions great for the most part. Nevertheless, this heavyweight and the diminished motorcycle aren't proposed for speed reason however it permits you to go up to 90 km speed. The primary goal of this motorcycle is to convey a protected and good comfortable ride to its clients. The suspension doesn't allow you to travel exorbitantly fast or on awful roads. The ride ends up being unnecessarily harsh now and again sometimes. The seat is furthermore also as slight as it looks. Regardless, the ride, by and large, is pleasing to the extent that ridden reasonably. The seating position is upstanding and slackened up appreciation to the 775 mm seat height and high situated handlebars.

It has a fuel tank of 3.5 liters. It comprises of the exceptional double slowing mechanisms to help you when essential. Its fuel gracefully instruments with the electronically controlled innovation supplies the air and fuel to the motor for proficient force. It additionally comprises an ideal key shade which is a blend of the appealing security start and the set release button. It is an extraordinary development for your prosperity and solace. At this worth point expecting things like twofold plate brakes is absurd. Regardless, there is a weight-driven hover brake on the front and a drum brake on the back. By its dual slowing down the instrument, nonetheless, it institutes both the front and back brakes when the left switch is pulled.

This is viewed as ideal for regular driving and it looks stunning. This dynamic splendid motorcycle from the RUSI motors company will meet your longing in the absolute best way. This bike is doubtlessly an ideal choice for all the age groups and because of its smooth and splendid presence close by its moderate worth go. In like manner, the people who like the small scale bikes will revere this bike as well, this bike is ideal for day by day driving yet doesn't foresee the speed from this. You can't drive this unnecessarily fast if the roads are disproportionate.

Pros and Cons of RUSI Mojo


  • This 110cc engine bike is the best bikes with all specifications and that comes with a reasonable and affordable price that even the lower-income individuals can also afford it.
  • This new model of RUSI is considered to be the best vehicle in the Philippines market because of this 110cc motor and for its looks.
  • It has a very keen plain modeled design that is very good for all the people who want are new to the riding.
  • The slim profile, alongside its great model, makes it a decent bike to manage in the hardest of metropolitan riding commitments.


  • The main defect of this RUSI Mojo motorcycle is its weight. It weighs about 160 kg which is considered to be very heavy when compared to other companies' motorcycles.
  • There are chances of breakage of the dome because of its less quality.
  • This bike is for the people who want to use it for daily purposes and not for racing. Even though it looks sporty it is not for racing purposes.

Reviews of RUSI Mojo

User Review : 32Reviews

design 3.1
engine performance 3.1
travelling performance 3.1
ride quality 2.9
fuel efficiency 2.9
Total 3.0

Monica Santos

Hassle sumakay

Maganda na sana ang Rusi Mojo kaso sirain talaga sya. Ang hirap idrive kase bigla na lang namamatay. Ang hirap pa ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.4
  • Date : Feb 24, 2021
  • Review by Monica Santos

Arman Bueno

Okay naman na

Ang napansin ko sa motor na ito eh merong minimal na exhaust smoke dito at saka bakit hindi pantay ang headlight ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.6
  • Date : Sep 30, 2020
  • Review by Arman Bueno

John Melendez

Ayos ang porma

Kakabili ko lang ng motor kont ito at nung first time ko itong makita, na-attract kaagad ako kaya sa dinami-dami ...Read more

  • Rating : 5.0
  • Date : Sep 24, 2020
  • Review by John Melendez

Forum of RUSI Mojo


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Karen Sagit

Ako kasama nito?

Anong klaseng helmet kasama nito?

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Jessy Lou

much better to do

Naka rusi ako dati binili ko last year 1 year 2 months na sakin sa tagal na dami na din na sira mga bearing, bumukol yung gulong, binkong yung mags, speedometer tumigil, fuel guage di accurate, tumirik bigla, sira yung plastic ng headlight, pero so far ... Read more

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Kyle Morgue

Ang mura

Bakit ang mura nito?

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Master George

change tires size

maganda ang body niya pero hndi ang wheels pwede kaya pallitan ang size ng gulong? compatible kaya ito sa malaking wheels?

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