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RUSI Classic 250 for sale in the Philippines April 2021

RUSI Classic 250

RUSI Classic 250
Model Classic 250
Displacement(cc) 223.00
Available Color
  • Flat Black
  • Titanium
  • Flat Red
Transmission 6-speed
km Per Liter -
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) -
Weight(kg) -
L*W*H(mm) 2,010 x 750 x 1,000
Type Standard
Offical Price P80,000

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  • Apr 6, 2021

Classic 250 year 2019

Classic 250 year 2019


  • Mar 31, 2021

2020 Rusi Classic 250

2020 Rusi Classic 250


  • 2020
  • Mar 30, 2021




  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Mar 30, 2021

Rusi classic 250

Rusi classic 250


  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Mar 24, 2021

Classic 250 year 2019

Classic 250 year 2019


  • 2019
  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Mar 17, 2021

Classic 250 for sale

Classic 250 for sale


  • Dec 15, 2020

Rusi Classic 250

Rusi Classic 250


  • Nov 25, 2020

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RUSI Classic 250 Motorcycle Accessories & Parts

Latest News of RUSI Classic 250

About RUSI Classic 250

The ultimate choice for classy, aesthetic and swift long rides is none other than the RUSI Classic 250. Whether it is speed, thrill, power or performance this café racer ensures exceptional experience in all. This newly emerging neo-retro motorbike with remarkable features is assembled by the RUSI motorcycles. Ramas Uypitching and Sons Inc. popularly known as RUSI motorcycles is a Filipino brand that is known for its good-looking, reliable and affordable motorbikes and has maintained its position as a market leader in the country. Among the most attractive and highly efficient RUSI bikes is the café racer called RUSI Classic 250. This elegant café racer is not only fully customizable but also has top notch looks, powerful engine, stylish exterior and easily executed handling and performance.

RUSI Classic 250 has gathered outstanding user reviews due to its brilliant performance while riding in the city, off road or on the motorway. With its visually appealing exterior, charming looks and affordable price who would not fall in love with the bike. This bike has achieved immense popularity along with other RUSI's bestselling bikes like RUSI Neptune 125, Mojo, SS 200 Gamma and RUSI TC125. The RUSI Classic 250 with its unique features and dynamics will give you a splendid experience that you can reminisce and adore for the rest of your life.

Overview- Elegant, Competent and a Regal Fashion Statement

The RUSI Classic 250 is an affordable, competent and capable bike that is not just a fashion statement but an ideal riding vehicle. Majority of the riders who have tried this motor bike have appreciated not only the general looks but also its marvellous performance and easy handling on short as well as long rides. The overall performance of a bike depends on its engine cc, aerodynamics which refers to the ability of a bike to glide through the wind at high speeds along with its stability, weight of the bike including its dimensions and other specifications, number of engine cylinders, exhaust system and a number of other features which influence its performance on a large scale.

RUSI Classic 250 has proved to be one of the best motor bikes due to its excellent performance caused by powerful motor engine, fast speed and elegant design.

Engine- Immensely Powerful with High Transmission

Motor Bike engines come in different shapes, sizes and configurations which refers to the number of cylinders and their particular layout. Since most motor bikes are small and they don't weigh a great deal so they don't require really big engines for best operations. In case of the RUSI Classic 250 it is powered by a Euro 3-compliant 223cc four-stroke engine, this is complemented along with the oil-cooled engine paired with a 6-speed transmission.

Since by looking at an engine one can get an idea about how much power and how that power will be transferred this basically defines the overall character and performance of an engine as well as a bike. RUSI Classic 250 is designed completely to enhance riding experience because of its exceptionally smooth, and swift body. The bike engine provides and distributes the power so smoothly without any uncomfortable or jerky feelings no matter whatever the speed or gear is. The bottom part of the bike stores the center of gravity that makes it nimble and light at any speed.

Speed- Lightening Fast for swift rides

By using the RUSI Classic 250 one can save some money on expenditures of gas but it also has a cruising speed of 70-80kph with very minimal to zero vibrations. This shows that not only it has lightning fast speed but the chances of overheating of the engines are minimum as well. This café racer has astonishingly top speed on flat surface like for instance on Asphalt it is 117kph 7000 rpm and on concrete it is 126kph 8500 rpm. This is extremely desirable and gives a feeling of unmatched thrill to the rider.

Looks- A combination of Style and Sophistication

After the facelift that the RUSI Classic 250 underwent, the bike looks sleeker, smarter and stylish than ever thanks to the grilles added to the housings of its single round halogen headlight, LED front signal lights, and rear signal lights. The generous chrome of the old iteration was shed off and the body of RUSI Classic 250 now has a matte black finishing, with stylish copper accents added to the shocks. The elbow of the exhaust pipe now has an extra canister at the middle, and the pipe is no longer chrome-plated or stainless; only the muffler shield remains chrome plated.

The clip-on handlebars, the retro-style teardrop fuel tank, the brown plush flat seat and the stainless grab rail of the previous model have not been tweaked. Neither have the dual sports tires. There are three equally captivating color schemes available: Flat-Black, Titanium and Flat-Red.

Features- Customizable with Impactful Performance

The RUSI Classic 250 has enabled its riders to fully customize its features according to their own liking.

This means that the buyer can adjust the various components like seat frame, handlebars, and other components of the bike according to your own wishes. This is extremely innovative and gives the rider a chance to modify the motor bike to suit his own taste. All of these amazing features enhance the performance of the RUSI Classic 250 and have played a major role in generating enormous success and love for this heavenly fast bike.

This café racer from RUSI doesn't lag in terms of features. Controls on the right handlebar include the kill switch, starter button and parking light control, while on the left are the high and low light toggle button, signal light control, hazard switch and horn button. As per the recent users' feedback, the RUSI Classic 250's horn sound is quite loud and strong, close to the sound of a car horn. The instrument gauge is semi-digital, with an analog rev per minute (rpm) counter combined with a digital screen whose backlight is changeable from orange to blue. The digital panel shows the speed, distance traveled, fuel gauge and gear indicator. The gauge also shows the signal lights and hazard indicators. The bike also comes with foldable footrests.

Furthermore, the RUSI Classic 250 is fully customizable. The seat frame, handlebars, and other components can be changed to suit rider's style. Examples are raising the handlebars, changing the shocks to have a lower seat height, adding carriers and more.

Interior design- Well-built Engine for Sheer Riding Pleasure

The RUSI Classic 250 is an elegant and strong café racer with a sturdy and well-built engine. The RUSI Classic 250 it is powered by a Euro 3-compliant 223cc four-stroke engine, this is complemented along with the oil-cooled engine paired with a 6-speed transmission. This powerful engine ensures that the rider has a smooth ride without worrying for the engine power in case of a short or a long ride. A four-stroke engine is an internal combustion (IC) engine in which the piston completes four separate strokes while turning the crankshaft. A stroke refers to the full travel of the piston along the cylinder, in either direction. The four separate strokes are termed: Intake, Compression, Combustion and Exhaust.

The RUSI Classic 250 has a compression ratio of 9: 0: 1. The compression ratio is defined as the ratio of cylinder volume and its head space when the piston is at the bottom of its stroke to the volume of the head space when the piston is at the top of its travel. The RUSI Classic 250 uses an oil cooler to remove surplus heat from an internal combustion engine. It basically involves the use of engine oil as a coolant.

Start system- A Motor Starter for the most memorable Journey

The start system that is placed in the RUSI Classic 250 is the motor starter. A motor starter is a device which is used to initiate the function of an engine.

Safety-The utmost priority

The RUSI Classi-250 possesses the adequate safety features. It encompasses Road Riding Modes and Pass Switch and Street, in the name of safety. This ensures the rider is safe and is protected from instability and bumps on the road surface.

Suspension and Braking- For better maneuverability and control

The RUSI Classic 250's suspension layout consists of an upside-down shock in front and a YSS double rear shock at the rear, which can adequately tackle bumps on the road. For superior stopping power, dual disc brakes clamp the bike's front wheel, while a single disc brake is fastened to the rear wheel.

Appearance- Attractive color scheme to suit your style

The RUSI Classic 250 is available in three color ways of Flat-Black, Titanium and Flat-Red. As previously mentioned, the bike is customizable. The seat frame, handlebars, and other components can be changed to suit one's style. Examples are raising the handlebars, changing the shocks to have a lower seat height, adding carriers and more.

Frame-Comfortable seat with cosmetic arrangements for long smooth rides

The RUSI Classic 250 has an extremely comfortable frame enabling the rider to enjoy the road trip. This café racer bike provides an experience to remember by ensuring a design that is cozy, safe and convenient. Among the cosmetic changes are the now grilled halogen single headlight flanked on the sides by similarly grilled LED front signal lights, and the copper accents on the shocks. The LED taillight remains the same but the rear signal lights are also now grilled. The clip-on handlebars, the teardrop fuel tank, the brown plush flat seat and the stainless grab rail all remain the same. The instrument gauge remains analog, but the backlight is changeable from blue to orange. The elbow of the exhaust pipe gets an extra canister at the middle, and it is no longer chrome plated or stainless; only the muffler shield is chrome plated. The dual sport tires remain the same, with a 4-inch Vee Rubber up front and 4.50-inch at the rear.

Specifications- Dimensions, Weight, Electricals

The neo-retro bike stands 2,010mm long, 750mm wide and 1,000mm tall, with its seat height comfortable enough for both average-height and short-statured Filipinos. It tips the scales at 135kg, just about right for optimized handling and some speed.

The headlight has a voltage of 12 V 25/ 25 W. The back light is Light Emitting Diode LED.

Neo- retro looks that Demand Attention

The RUSI Classic 250 has neo-retro looks that demands attention and attracts everyone in the surroundings. These looks can guarantee the rider to have a beautiful riding experience filled with comfort and ease. The front suspension layout consists of an upside down shock, while the rear suspension is a YSS double rear shock. Twin disc brakes clamp the front wheel, while a single disc brake is found at the rear wheel, giving the RUSI Classic 250 superior stopping power.

Pros and Cons of the RUSI Classic 250


The RUSI Classic 250 is an undoubtedly among one of the best café racers due to its affordable price, charming characteristics, unique and customizable features and remarkably attractive looks. It has a number of desirable features which can attract the eye of high end buyer. Some of the pros of RUSI Classic 250 are as follows;

  • The RUSI Classic 250 has stylish, retro-style looks.
  • It has a comfortable seat.
  • It offers decent performance and handling which is suitable for long rides.
  • It is fully customizable to choose your preference.
  • It has lots of power on the flat straight road (1st- 4Th gear).
  • Cruising speed of 70-80kph, minimal to zero vibrations.
  • No overheating and has good transmission.


  • The Seat height is not suitable and a little uncomfortable for people with short height.
  • Some users' feedback suggests the oil that comes out of the factory is low-grade and should be changed upon purchase.

Final Words

The RUSI Classic 250 is an affordable, competent and agile motorcycle that is not just fashionable to look at but efficient as a riding machine. It serves as an excellent everyday commuting companion that is elegant, sporty, and customizable. Many riders who've tried this café racer have appreciated and acknowledged its looks, engine, handling and performance whether on short or long rides. What's more, there are a good number of RUSI outlets nationwide and servicing is easily attainable.

Reviews of RUSI Classic 250

User Review : 1Reviews

design 4.0
engine performance 3.0
travelling performance 4.0
ride quality 3.0
fuel efficiency 5.0
Total 3.8

Takashi Masuda


Nice Bike ...Read more

  • Rating : 3.8
  • Date : Feb 15, 2021
  • Review by Takashi Masuda

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