Pioneer BDP-3110 Reviews

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Pioneer BDP-3110 is a Slim, Compact Pioneer Blu-ray Disc Player with BD-Live
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Audio Output, BD-Live, LA...
Pioneer BDP-3110

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Overall Rating

Design 3.0
Operability 3.0
Picture Quality 4.0
Sound Quality 3.5
Reading Accuracy 3.0
Output Terminal 3.0
Size 4.0
Total 3.4

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sMangUsaP 11

  • Review by sMangUsaP 11
  • Apr 17, 2015
Design 3.0
Operability 2.0
Picture Quality 3.0
Sound Quality 2.0
Reading Accuracy 2.0
Output Terminal 2.0
Size 4.0
Total 2.6

load disc

Walang basagan ng trip ang motto ng Pioneer dvd player namen ..HAhaha, Panget ng quality nito ang tagal mag load ng disc ang hina pa ng volume nito, Umiinit pa yung buong part ng player, Talo ito sa lahat sabagay mumurahin lang naman kasi..

Good Review

Dc Faith

  • Review by Dc Faith
  • Jan 9, 2015
Design 3.0
Operability 4.0
Picture Quality 5.0
Sound Quality 5.0
Reading Accuracy 4.0
Output Terminal 4.0
Size 4.0
Total 4.1

Movies and Music

Not only for movies but also for music lover , Pioneers dvd player is not only focusing the quality of the picture but they consider the sound also, it has perfect audio, and a blu ray disc modes, very good player , the command is easy to follow..

Good Review

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