Apr 10, 2018

OnePlus 6 will Launch with Full Gesture Support

A new video from OnePlus confirms that the new flagship will have gesture support out-of-the-box.

The big story for OnePlus this year is the new upcoming OnePlus 6 flagship, and when it's OnePlus, we know they're going to be packing in some flagship killer specifications at a very competitive price. That's not the only thing OnePlus is doing for this year's OnePlus 6, though. A new teaser video on their Italian Facebook page reveals one of the new killer features OnePlus has in store for this year's flagship, which is an advanced full-screen gesture support.

The video shows a purple-blue background with the OnePlus logo on the upper left, and a gesture being traced in the middle as a circle, becoming a point tracing downwards, then upwards, exploding into the number six. It's a non-too-subtle way of showing gesture support, and the video itself is titled "Speed up with gestures," leaving no ambiguity as to what OnePlus intends.

This should come as no surprise as gesture support was actually made available in the Open Beta for the OnePlus 5T, and from there we're already familiar with three gestures: swiping up from the center, swiping left, and swiping up and holding. These three gestures give access to the home screen, activate the back function and bring up the multi-tasking windows menu respectively, mirroring the three traditional buttons on the navigation bar of Android.

That begs the question, will we even have a navigation bar on the OnePlus 6? These gestures make the navigation bar redundant, and with the trend nowadays moving towards full-screen displays, phone makers are finding more and more ways to remove elements from the front of the phone. We already know that the OnePlus 6 will have a large full display with a very high screen-to-body ratio and a notch at the top, so OnePlus is very likely to use these gestures as a way to remove the need for a navigation bar at the bottom of the display.

Does this new feature get you excited for the OnePlus 6? The phone is expected to launch sometime in June, but there are rumors we may see the phone as early as later this month.

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