Jan 21, 2019

Find Out How the Nokia 9 PureView Penta-Camera Would Work

HMD Global's latest Nokia 9 PureView has already created quite a buzz in the mobile world. Here's how the smartphone's penta-camera could possibly work.

HMD Global has not announced the unveiling date for the Nokia 9 PureView just yet, but there were reports that the latest smartphone would most likely be launched at the upcoming MWC 2019, in Dubai maybe by the end of this month, and most likely in India by February. Other Nokia smartphones will also be unveiled around the same time. With the much-awaited PureView branding, the Nokia 9 is expected to showcase quite a classy and impressive technology, especially when it comes to its camera. It can be recalled that the Nokia 808 was the very first PureView smartphone to feature a 41-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens.

Just recently, a digital photography company called Light has reserved a section in their website featuring a header that looks noticeably like the Nokia 9 smartphone. Light prides itself for being an advocate of multi-lens photography opportunities for mobile devices. It basically showcases a 4-, 6-, and 9- lens cameras on a mobile device, organized according to its distinctive configurations at the back alongside light sensors and camera flash. The Nokia 9 PureView will arrive with a 5-lens kit. If the Nokia 9 will indeed have this penta-camera, chances are the company is in partnership with Light, which, by the way has Foxconn as its manufacturing partner. Foxconn is Nokia's manufacturing partner, as well.

Light website banner featuring a smartphone that looks like the Nokia 9.

At the moment, Light has a 16-lens camera in the market, the users proudly exclaiming the joy of having the camera replace their bulky DSLR in at least 80% of the cases. Light commends the capacity of its L16 contraption and guarantees that it can create the same technology for smartphones alongside "unparalleled sharpness" and "13 stops of dynamic range", which can be captured instantaneously. The user can also revel with the depth control that only a multi-lens camera can offer.

Light DSLR-level image quality

The Nokia 9 PureView won't be coming in cheap, however. There are rumors circulating that the price of this upcoming smartphone will probably play around $880, quite hefty for a high-end Chinese smartphone. Aside from its impressive camera, other technical specifications are also expected to be remarkable.

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