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Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.5
Graphics 2.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 3.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.9

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Neil Benedict Zenarosa Barrun

  • Review by Neil Benedict Zenarosa Barrun
  • May 30, 2015
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 1.0
Expandability 5.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 2.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.9


I would recommend this to students like me who are on a tight budget but hardly need a laptop for making projects and basic internet-based activities. The model that I bought got Windows 7 Starter but I upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate then recently to Windows 8. The laptop performs well for light to moderate use. Sometimes the laptop may get a little bit hot, so a notebook fan is a must. When brand new, the battery can last up to 3 hours but now after four years of usage it's now down to 1.5 hours. The downside of this laptop though is its hard drive and graphics as well as the battery. During my first year of use, I had to avail of the warranty service regarding battery replacement as well as hard drive replacement due to errors and overall unfavorable performance but it was fixed by their service center right away. The graphics card is a NO NO FOR GAMERS, sometimes it gets very hot and also fails to play certain videos online and even movies with resolution higher than 720p.

Good Review

Rikka Takanashi

  • Review by Rikka Takanashi
  • Mar 17, 2015
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 4.0
Display 4.0
Total 4.0



NEO Basic B2310N is a good laptop. The price of this product is justifiable, you did pay right, not over priced. I've been using my laptop for almost 5 years. The battery is good, It can last for 4 hours of continuous watching of HD anime videos. It is very portable because of its balance, not too heavy but not too light, not so fat and not so thin :) everything on it's appearance is balanced. I have also drop my laptop at the top of my double deck, I'm nervous at first but I feel so relieved that there is no damage, that proves the product s durability.

The only downside that i saw in this model is the graphics card (SISMirage 3), It is not compatible with Unity. I've been searching solution of this for almost a year but still no good :( but knowing that this is just a basic model I've already accepted that I can't play Unity Games with this laptop. So i your planning to buy laptop for gaming i would not recommend this. but if it is just your first time to buy laptop and you just intend to use it for creating documents or editing photos this product will suit you .

Good Review

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