Oct 11, 2018

Get On Board with Erich And Try the SNAILWHITE Facial Cream

Another day, another trending product to love. Kris Aquino has already given her seal of approval on NAMU LIFE's SNAILWHITE Facial Cream and looks like another one of our favorite celebrities is loving it too.

It is described as a facial cream that's mixed with concentrated extracts from Korea to provide smooth, firm, and clear skin, admired by women all over the world. The product is said to have a light texture and is rich in purified and concentrated snail mucus.

The SNAILWHITE Facial Cream is a product from NAMU LIFE originating in Bangkok, Thailand. They are known for producing beauty products that are selected from natural ingredients found in different parts of the world. NAMU LIFE is also recognized internationally as the only brand with the special formula used in the SNAILWHITE Facial Cream.

NAMU LIFE partnered with Kris Aquino and Erich Gonzales, who are both fans of the product, to promote it when it officially became available in the country.

It's not unusual for countries like Korea and Thailand to use snail secretions in skin treatment. In fact, there are hundreds of products from different beauty brands that are actually snail-based. You might be weirded out at first but once you hear its many amazing benefits, you might be singing a different tune especially after trying out this particular one.

This perfect cream includes six main ingredients that provide specific benefits for your skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid - helps keep moisture in the skin and reduces wrinkles, dark spots, and tightens pores
  • Centella Asiatica Extract - reduces the cause of acne, helps heal wounds faster, kills bacteria, and reduces inflammation
  • Bisabolol Extract - prevents irritation of the skin from sunlight, inhibits oxidants, and helps distribute oxygen to the skin
  • Ginger Root Extract - helps reduce red scars, wrinkles, and help stimulate blood circulation and provide all control
  • Panax Ginseng Cactus Extract - increases radiance, slows down aging cells, smooths and protects skin from UV rays
  • Lavendula Stoechas Extract - provides power of maiden skin, reduces deep-shallow wrinkles, lifts up skin and has anti-oxidants

And then of course there are the derivatives of snail mucus extract which really make SNAILWHITE unique because this is what helps restore and repair skin cells the most. It's also rich in nutrients that are good for your skin like Glycolic Acid, which can increase elastin and restore your skin.

All in all this product stimulates the creation of collagen, gives life to your skin and makes you look radiant. And if you've read the article on collagen, you know how much any product with collagen in it can really benefit your skin. Its benefits can be summarized in five Rs: regenerates, recovers, repairs, restores and renews your skin.

This looks like the real deal as it gives you all the amazing benefits that we usually get from a number of products and rolls it into one amazing cream.

Celebrities aren't the only ones loving it either, because blog reviews everywhere have been raving about this product too. They're always running out of stock because of high demand, so if you haven't purchased yours yet, don't wait too much longer. It's now your turn to experience the magic.

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