Jan 19, 2017

2018 Mazda 3 to get nex-gen SKYACTIV 2 engine

Mazda is currently developing their new SKYACTIV engine which boosts fuel efficiency by 30 percent. It will be first incorporated in Mazda 3 coming next year.

The Japanese automaker, Mazda Motor, is said to be moving forward with the development of its second-generation engine at the end of 2018. It can be remembered that way back in 2011, Mazda first introduced its SKYACTIV suite of environment-friendly engines. This time, they will be releasing its successor, called the SKYACTIV 2. The upcoming engine offers a 30 percent increase in fuel efficiency than the current SKYACTIV engine, by doing away with spark plugs and using pressure to ignite fuel instead. What makes it possible is the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition or HCCI technology.

The HCCI combines the characteristics of a conventional gasoline engine and a diesel engine. Like a typical gasoline engine, HCCI injects fuel during the intake stroke and then raises the density and temperature by compression until the certain mix reacts spontaneously, rather than using the traditional electric discharge or spark to ignite a portion of it. The HCCI combines a gasoline engine-like emission and a diesel engine-like efficiency in one. Even without the use of a catalytic converter, its nitrogen oxide emissions will be extremely low.

Mazda plans to integrate this new engine first into their upcoming Mazda 3. After that, the engine will be used by the other models gradually. Though it's hard to give an exact comparison about the perceived performance of the engine between different car models, we can make the Mazda 3 as an outstanding example. Once the engine is incorporated into the vehicle, it would boost the current Mazda 3 mileage with an estimated 30km per liter.

With the SKYACTIV 2's anticipated 2018 release, plans are now rolled out for the company. They will start their mass production of electric vehicles by 2019 and have a plug-in hybrid by 2021. They are also planning to invade the US and European markets and also the developing countries. As for those who want vehicles that will have this engine inside, they might have to wait until 2030.

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