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Design 5.0
Processing Speed 2.0
Graphics 2.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 3.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Display 3.0
Total 3.1

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Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Feb 12, 2011
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 2.0
Graphics 2.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 3.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Display 3.0
Total 3.1

Belated review

Newest model will probably be released soon, so here's a late review.
I purchased this device for 47,800 yen around June last year.
[Design] They only had x100e in white, which was fine.
I like that it doesn't look like a thinkpad.
Also, although the exterior is white, the inner panes are black, pulling the design together really well.
[Processign speed] I don't even have to mention its slow feature.
It's a single core, so it can't be helped.
If you plan on purchasing a device, I recommend one with dual core.
AMD is somehow functioning mine.
I only use it for browsing so I don't mind so much.
[Graphic] I don't play games, so it's fine.
it's sufficient as a mobile notebook.
[Ports] Thinkpad x series has always had a great memory extension, which I like.
It has a 2GB and another 2GB I put in myself, for a total of 4GB.
OS is a 32bit so only requires 3G,, so the rest goes to RAMDISK for browser cache.
It's a mobile device, so there's no extensibility otherwise.
No HDMI either. How unfortunate.
[Ease of use] I share this with my wife when we go out, and our characteristic is that we both have our usage, my wife touchpad and trackpad myself.
In a way, it's comfortable.
However, the touchpad buttons often gets stuck and there's accidental types here and there.
If only it was designed 1mm inside the body...
The keyboard is the only thing isolated from the thinkpad,
and I like it.
Unlike domestic mobile notes, it doesn't feel flimsy. It's solid.
[Portability] It is the smallest size in thinkpad, which was the reason for purchasing this.
But it's heavier than x200, and feels a little heavy too.
[Battery]The 6 cells takes up a lot of space at the back, and because it is black, it's like a Japanese police car.
I am thinking of purchasing 3 cells, but I'm still contemplating as it is 5000 Japanese yen.
Also the screen doesn't open up 180 degrees with 6 cells.
It lasted for about 2.5 hours initially, but having used it for 6 months, it is now going down to around 2 hours.
[LCD] As it has been described previously, it does not open 180 degrees with a 6-cell battery.
It is very blue as a whole and the contrast is lacking.
I am adjusting it with the ATI Catalyst Control Center software that has been included.
The LCD is not pretty.
It is for simple usage. However, the resolution is 1366 x 768 for an 11.6 inch display.
The resolution is one of the deciding factor.
[Overall] The hardware system is already obsolete.
The memory is DDR2 and since it is an AMD Athlon Neo MV-40/1.6GHz (512KB) single core, it is recommended for simple usage.
Well, I think people who chose the thinkpad is divided with regards in that area.
And because it is a thinkpad x series, you can feel that the appearance is solidly created.
The body is made from ordinary resin, but it is the a design that does not let you feel that that it was cheaply made for its price.
I think the memory is a little tough with 2GB.
It is recommended to add more memory before the price of DDR2 goes up.
Personally, it turned out to be a good purchase.
As a living PC, it meets the minimum requirements.
Not too big, not too small. I'm very satisfied.

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