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Overall Rating

Design 4.2
Processing Speed 3.7
Graphics 3.8
Expandability 3.7
Usability 4.2
Portability 4.4
Battery 3.4
Display 3.6
Total 3.9

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Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Nov 12, 2010
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 5.0
Display 4.0
Total 4.3

I'm reviewing as a week has passed since the purchase.

This is my first notebook, so I made my comparison against desktop computers.
My review may not be of help, but I will try

Neither good nor bad, all right as it is

[Processing Speed]
There is no problem with surfing Internet
It takes some time to open office2007
Character conversation is a bit slow too
But then, my comparison is made against desktop computers so it may not serve as a useful reference
It may be to do with cases such as one handed keyboards or when something is messed up

[Graphic Function]
There is no problem with replaying DVDs or videos
Maybe its Aero score being 2.9 will become a problem later
As for this, setting its video memory to 256MB may be the cause

I guess there is no issue in general, but there are not enough sub ports for users who use one handed keyboards and mouse
It is a pain when conflict between Bluetooth mouse and touchpad happens and you cannot use them.
Maybe it is better to get a new mouse

[Ease of Use]
Perhaps it gets better if I got used to the touch pad, but it is taking me a long time.
If you use the keyboard with just the left hand, you also touch the touch pad and it makes the usage difficult.

The body seems large relative to the screen.
When you actually carry it around it seems a little heavy.

I have no problem using it the way I do.
I generally use it where I have access to a power outlet.
Also, my usage is about an hour or so long so it is sufficient.

There is a lot of glare so you must be selective where to use it.

Also, it looks white compared to LG's W1942TQ.

[General Comments]
Basically I like it, but the glossy LCD is a minus factor.
I use it mainly for ordinary tasks and watching DVDs.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Dec 14, 2010
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 3.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 3.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.9

Light and easy to use

I couldn't stand walking around with a heavy A4 notebook, when I heard about the low voltage compact notebooks and wanted one, there was a sale on at the NTTX store and I bought one on impulse.

I also purchased an external DVD drive and put MS Office on it as well; there are absolutely no problems with it.

The weight of my A4 I have been using (U165) went from 2.6kg down to half 1.3kg.
I now finally have a notebook that I can easily carry around.
In power saving mode the battery will last about 3 hours and optionally I recommend buying the 6-cell battery that is available for people using it on the go for long periods.

It was one of my better mistakes and even light network games can be played.

It was a good purchase.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Dec 22, 2010
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 5.0
Usability 3.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.9

I think it has a pretty good cost performance.

Use for: browsing, e-mailing, music/video playing, preparing documents for work and creating programs (For maintenance).
I'm reviewing after a week of usage.
[Design] It's purple and has designs so I wan't sure how it would look, but in reality its dark color does not bother me.
[Processing speed] I don't play games or encode videos so the speed is sufficient.
[Graphics performance] I don't play games so sufficient.
[Ports] I use the mouse on bluetooth and USB is sufficient.
I want a PC card slot, but I may be asking to much.
[Easy to use]
The keyboard gives me a hard time.
2133 has a better one.
It's not small, but it's light, so it's okay.
It's gaudy and cheap, so I'm worried about durability.
I usually use it plugged in, and the 3-cell battery is light, but at work I can't plug it in, so I'm worried.
If I buy a 6 cell, there shouldn't be a problem.
[Screen] I basically don't like glare screens, but in my environment, this proved to be easy to watch with not much reflections.
[Overall] I was using 2133 from HP, which bothered me with a bad display, which made my shoulders stiff, and the slow processing speed.
As I am anti-intel and this had AMD CPU at an extremely low price, I made an impulse purchase.
Other than the keyboard with which 2133 was better, all other aspects are better. (Of course.)
But compared to the aluminium body of 2133, this is a little inferior in both texture and strength.
But I guess that comes with the low price.
The processing speed is basically fast, but it gets slow from time to time.
It started working briskly after I added a 2GB memory and changed it for a 2 year-old Samsung SDD (MMDOE28G5MPP-0VA).
I wouldn't worry so much if I had a 6-cell battery.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Dec 28, 2010
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 5.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 4.0
Display 5.0
Total 4.6

Nothing but wonderful.

It's been about a month since the purchase, so I'd like to review.
I chose this device as a communing partner, so 11.6 inch was the biggest I could go for.
Consequently, I'm not in pain carrying this device daily.
Processing speed is on par with Atom.
I have Office 2003 installed and run multiple applications simultaneously, but it hasn't lagged once yet.
(2003 is just right for 11.6.
2007 and above is too narrow and is inconvenient for work.
My concern when making purchase about a shiny screen was resolved by sticking a non-shiny sheet by Buffalo.
There is no more background reflections and it is now easy to see the screen so that I can not believe that it was a shiny screen at first.
Buttery runs relatively short however, I believe there will be no problem as there is an official 6-cell buttery sold at the store.
This must be the best-buy item in this class.
I would like to get the most out of it.
It was indeed a great choice to buy.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jan 5, 2011
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics -
Expandability 4.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 4.0
Display 4.0
Total 4.6

Be happy with your first note!

As I had only used desktops, I dreamed of having CULV Note that is so easy to carry around.
While searching,I came across this IdeaPad U165 and was surprised to find that it was being sold under 40.000 yen.
I bought it without any hesitation.
As it has only just arrived, I cannot go into details, but this is my initial review of the product.
[Design] It depends on the reviewer, but I like it.
It's simple.
Although it doesn't look luxurious, it doesn't look cheap either.
[Processing Speed] I was a little nervous to buy a CPU that isn't Intel for the first time, but there is no problem.
I feel it takes a little long to start up, but other than that, it's stress-free.
[Graphics] As I am not interested in graphics, I won't review this.
[Extensibility]You really can't complain that it only has 2 USP ports.
I think it is more than enough, considering that it has 5in1 card reader.

[Usability]The touch pad reacts really well.
Although sometimes the pointer disappears somewhere....
I guess you can deal with this problem by changing the setting.
The keyboard is also very easy to use.
[Mobility]The battery is the usual 3 cells, so the weight doesn't bother me.
I wonder if it'd be too heavy if I changed this to 6 cells.
[Battery]I think the weakest factor of this model would be the short battery time.
It lasted about 3.5hours when creating word documents, and about 1.3hours for watching DVD's with an external DVD recorder (IODATA DVRP-U8EK.)
I wasn't too concerned about batteries, so this doesn't bother me.
I have not tried using this with an internet connection.
[Screen]I found out that glare screen isn't so popular.
I don't know much about notebooks so I thought notebooks=glare screens...
Come to think of it, the reflections do bother me a little, and I'm considering purchasing an anti-glare screen.
[Overall] As of now, I am very happy with this.
But I do feel that you need to expand the memory capacity.
I have added Transcend SODIMM DDR3 PC3-8500 2GB, but struggled to set it in the memory throttle.
But now that it's 4GB, it feels much better emotionally. LOL.
It is also on a campaign for the 3000 cash back, so it feels like an extra good deal!
I think it was worth the money.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Mar 31, 2011
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.8

A compact laptop for the living room.

I was lucky to be able to purchase this around 30,000 yen.
I think the overall design is good.
The vent hole at the back looks a little fashionable as well.
I was worried about how good Athlon II Neo performs, but it works fine without giving me stress.
The keyboard construction is pretty good too.
Finger prints stand out on the top plate.
I don't hear much strange noise such as exhaust sound.
It has a high cost performance.
I purchased this as my substitute machine, but I'm very satisfied.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Apr 17, 2011
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 4.0
Display 3.0
Total 4.3

Evaluating it as a mobile PC.

I have purchased it to carry it to the class or to take it with me to the photo shooting trips.
It was priced less than 40,000yen at one time but it went up more than 5,000yen later and I had been little hesitant in purchasing it.
Luckily, there was a second promotion going on which set the price down to little over 40,000yen so I decided to get it.
Here goes my evaluation.

The quiet tone of dark purple is very pretty.
Fingerprints may show but easy to wipe off.

[Processing Speed]
No problem as far as using internet, mail or MSO.
It might take rather long for RAW processing but permissible.
You may need to use hardware acceleration for full HD replays.
I'm afraid it is unfair to compare it with that of the desktops or laptops of the same generation.

[Graphic Performance]
I only play 2D games so I can only comment from that perspective.
The performance is pretty smooth.
The choice of software for playing back controls the operation of hardware acceleration but it seems like it takes the load off the CPU.

You can use up to three USBs.
The interface such as Bluetooth, VGA, HDMI is fully equipped and perfect for my level of use.
There is a port for eSATA&USB which is unusual for laptops.
I hardly use it so I can't comment on it here.
By the way, adding memories and exchanging HDDs are rather complicating.
For the PCs of this price range, the keyboard is by far the best to use.
I usually work on creating documents for long hours and I have never been tired of it.
The keys on the right side are slightly smaller and some people find it harder to strike the keys.
If you compare them with netbooks or tablet terminals, you can say that they are not as portable.
However, I'm happy with it as it fits my life style such as I carry it outside
->I use it inside for quite some time
->I carry it ouside...
Another advantage is that I can keep an adopter at the lab for inside use.
With SSD, the battery life has been extended.
It can last for two and a half to 3 hours(actual time in use)

Unless you replace it with 6-cell battery, it won't last whole day with just a battery supply.
It will add some weight as you replace it with bigger batteries, so I chose not to.

[LCD-Liquid Crystal Display]
I'm not happy here for two main reasons.
The reflection bothers me as they use the glare display.
It has a very high reflectivity compared
to other glare LCDs.
It may not even be a match with that of the domestic laptops.
I have applied an anti-glare film over the display.
One problem down.

It might bother you that the image displayed is bluish and pale but not when reading documents.
You should be aware of its features when RAW processing the images.
Otherwise you will regret it later.
The price is far less expensive so I believe it is very reasonable.
The price as low as 40,000yen+with SSD+4GB memory, I'm extremely happy for getting a mobile PC at around 50,000yen.
If you don't care for a precise image processing, movie processing or 3D games, then you should be happy with it as the cost performance is
I consider it to be a good quality product.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jun 13, 2011
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 3.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.9

No complaints.

"Design" It is OK.
"Processing speed" I use it by upgrading the memory to 4G.
As I use it exclusively for games, I have no complaints about it.
It's sufficient to play Fenix of Hangame.
"Graphics performance" I watch videos of NicoNico Video,but I have no complaints.
It displays lots of information since it has high resolution liquid crystal displays
[Extensibility]You can increase the memory and that's pretty much it.
I'm not going to do anything with it in particular.
[Usability]You can connect a mouse with Bluetooth so I don't have any complaints.
[Portability]Power adapter is a little hard to carry around.
[Battery]As expected, I always charge it while I use the computer.
Lasts about 3 hours.
[Display] The glare is a little bothersome, but other than that nothing to say.
[Overall] I was able to purchase 2GB memory upgrade U165 with eMobile contract for 10 yens at PC departments.
The cost performance is out of the world.
Honestly I think the store made a mistake somewhere.
I want to add an exterior multi-drive and a coolant.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jul 2, 2011
Design 3.0
Processing Speed 3.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 3.0
Portability 3.0
Battery 3.0
Display 2.0
Total 3.0

It's costly, but it's enough.

[Design] Pattern is actually not so flashy when you see it in person.
It is a safe pattern.
[Processing Speed] Memory upgrade and replacement to SSD (Crucial C400 CT128M4SSD2) had been done.
The impact replacing SSD is huge.
Nothing can slow me down unless you use encode multiple times.
[Graphics] The processing function itself is neither good nor bad.
There is no problem with playing movies.
[Expandability] I've never owned a PC that requires so much disassemble for memory upgrade.
It is not intended to be designed to upgrade memory.
-Esata is convenient for inserting data.
- convenient HDMI port.
This is the primary reason for purchasing this computer.
I can plug the device to TVs everywhere I go.
-Face recognition log-in, not sure about convenience.
Reading the software takes time, and entering a password to unlock is faster.
-The part where the hand goes gets very hot, so the heat gets bothersome after long usage duration.
[Portability] I wish it was a bit thinner....
But considering the price, it is what expected.
[Battery] I think it is standard.
Comparing to more expensive models, battery capacity is smaller.
I am using extended capacity battery.
[Display] Reflecting glare on the glazed panel is bad and harder to see than I expected.
I have no choice, but to deal with it because of the price tradeoff.
[Overall] To be honest, comparing to ThnkPad-related machine, the functionality and quality, such as the machine strength, connecting points, and many others, are only price appropriate.
I think the a little more durability requires for business purpose.
This is the first time I've bought a low cost notebook, and if you look at just the specs you wouldn't think there would be any problems using it.
But with the screen glare, the area you put your hands getting hot, and issues with the chassis etc.
I have learned that there is more that effects the usability of a system than than just it's performance.
- I sometimes use it when I go out, I so haven't had a big problem, but if you're thinking of using it as your main computer, I think it would be good to compare and consider the points I find troublesome.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Aug 13, 2011
Design 3.0
Processing Speed 3.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 3.0
Portability 3.0
Battery 2.0
Display 3.0
Total 3.1

The performance is just suitable as a sub-machine.

I have upgraded the following components -
Memory - 2GB->8GB (4GBx2)
Storage - HDD->SSD (m4 128GB)
Battery - 3 cell->6cell
Lowered the idle voltage through K10STAT - 800MHz/0.862V->0.700V
Load - 1300Mhz/0.975V->0.775V

This review is of my machine after making these changes.
Design - A pattern is etched into the top, but if you don't look closely it's undetectable.
I think it's a relatively safe design.
However, the material for the top panel reflects light, so fingerprints are very visible.
Keyboard and palm rest are both made with dull material, so I wish they matched the top panel.
[Processing speed] Enough performance for document, internet, and e-mail.
[Graphics performance] You can enjoy a light MMO under a low graphics setting.
If the hardware acceleration is in place, HD Youtube videos can be played smoothly.
It has an HDMI port, so connection with a large TV is possible.
It can output resolutions up to WUXGA (1920x1200).
(Expandability) - It has a USB/eSATA combo board, Gigabit capable wired LAN port, HDMI, and SATA3.
Among the machines being sold at the same time, the U165 is the only one that has all of these capabilities so I am satisfied.
The eSATA and SATA3 especially show the power of this machine when upgraded to an SSD.
By the way, it's possible to boot an OS from the eSATA.
[Usability] Since the chassis is small, the keyboard is also small correspondingly, but it's not so small that hitting keys is uneasy.
However, this is a negative point that the F12 key is not independent.
Additionally, some may concern about lack of the left Alt key although I don't use it so much......
It's a little subtle if this is related to usability, but right portion of the palm rest gets hot considerably.
It's not so hot that I can't touch the keyboard, but when using the keyboard for a long time, it's better to pave a towel or so in order to reduce discomfort feeling.
[Portability] It weighs more than 1.5 kgs including the battery and certainly I feel its weight, however this weight is that I don't feel uncomfortable to carry this even in a crowded train.
[Battery] Since the standard three cells battery lasted only about two hours, I bought the six cells battery additionally.
The six cells battery lasts about four hours.
This may be a little inferior compared to high thrifty power consumption models, released in 2011 and later.
[Liquid crystal] Since the default setting was bluish in whole, I made an adjustment to weaken blue color by using AMD's control panel.
The view angle is quite narrow, but I think this may depend on its price zone.
On the contrary, since the HDMI output was tinged with red, now I use this by switching the profiles for built-in or HDMI output.
[Overall review] I remember the cost performance was quite high.
Thanks to the cheap main unit, it was easy to go adding memory and replacing with SSD etc.

Good Review

Review in Kakaku.com

  • Review by Japanese user
  • Oct 26, 2011
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 3.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 2.0
Display 3.0
Total 3.5

It's easy to use and has a speed faster than what I expected. But 3 cell battery is a problem.

I bought this machine with the goal of connecting to the Internet while tethering my smartphone and surfing the Internet easily while outside.
The reason I chose the U165 is because it is low priced and can be carried, isn't too small or too big, and has an HD screen.
Since it is equipped with a Radeon HD4200, as long as you aren't doing anything processor intensive like editing videos, it basically operates very smoothly.
The graphic capabilities are strong, so I can watch HD videos even though it was not my original intention, which makes me even happier than the price.
Compared to machines from other companies of the same size, the keyboard is also easier to use.
One thing that does bother me is the size of the enter key.
But, some things have to be sacrificed for a lower price.
For example, the screen. The HD screen is nice, but blues are very strong.
But if it's a problem it can be fixed somewhat with the color settings.
The worst point is the battery.
It's a three cell battery, and according to the manufacturer's announcement it will last 4.3 hours, but tests show it only lasts 2 hours.
I thought I'd have to forget about taking it with me to use outside, which was the main reason for getting it.
I thought it was too bad, but then a six cell battery has been officially released, and I bought it.
But you can do a lot for the price so I'm quite satisfied overall.
By the way, the initial HDD and 2GB of memory are fine, but after upgrading to an SSD and 8GB of memory I wouldn't be able to go back.

Good Review

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