LG G2 D802 32GB Forum : "how to recover?"

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The LG G2 D802 is an experience-driven, Memory Storage 32GB, and its 5.2" Full HD IPS display gives you bright whites and more accurate, 13 MP camera features breakthrough optical image stabilization.
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  • 5.2inches, 1920 x 1080
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how to recover?

Xta Talon

  • Xta Talon
  • Apr 22, 2014

I put code on my phone and then somebody try to open it,and then when i try to open the correct password but i cant open it,even if i already off and on it,until now i cant use it,how to recover it?


  • 張韋
  • Apr 22, 2014 / Good Answers : 12

Two different ways to go about bypassing and resetting your locked Android device. These methods will work to remove/reset your screen lock password, pattern, or PIN. No rooting required!

NOTE: Both methods require the device to be online and registered to your Google account.
Option 1:

1) Try to guess the pattern several times.
2) After about 5 incorrectly drawn patterns it will lock you out and tell you to try again later.
3) But you will now notice that on the bottom right of the screen you now have the option to select “Forgot Pattern”.
4) Click “Forgot Pattern”.
5) Enter your Google account Username and Password that you use on the device.
6) Click “Sign In”.
7) You’ll now have the ability to Draw a NEW unlock pattern.
8 ) Draw the new unlock pattern (make sure to remember it this time!)
9) Click “Confirm” on bottom right.
10) That’s it! You should now be on the home screen of your Android device with a new unlock pattern set.

Option 2:
1) Login to the Web based Android Market using your PC.
2) Using the Web Market, install the app “Screen Lock Bypass” to your registered device.

3) Then install any other application you wish, it will trigger this application to run and the Screen Lock will be disabled.
4) This application will also run each time the device is booted so you can always bypass the lock screen.
5) If you’d like to permanently reset the password, then try the PRO version of this app.

If the app does not work for you it could be that your version of Android is not compatible with this technique or you have a custom lock screen which cannot be bypassed.

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  • mikusa29
  • Apr 4, 2015

Hi, you can check out if SmartKey Password Recovery can hlp. Visit its homepage: http://www.recoverlostpassword.com

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