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Design 4.0
Portability 3.0
Operability 3.0
Response 3.8
Display 4.3
Listenability 3.0
Battery 2.3
Total 3.3

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Rujie Lacson Jordan

  • Review by Rujie Lacson Jordan
  • Jan 29, 2016
Design 3.0
Portability 1.0
Operability 1.0
Response 2.0
Display 4.0
Listenability 1.0
Battery 1.0
Total 1.9


Tanga lang bibili niong kata horrible spec sa 7k lol.

Good Review

Gelo A.

  • Review by Gelo A.
  • Oct 3, 2015
Design 4.0
Portability 4.0
Operability 4.0
Response 4.0
Display 4.0
Listenability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Total 3.9

Kata i3s "must read"

If you're going to buy a unit of Kata i3s you need to know the downside and good side of this unit.

So I will start with the downside
* Low Battery life
* It overheats, nakakapaso.
* Its hard to find a cover or any accessories especially headset

Good Side:
* 16gb internal memory
* 13mp and 5mp front
* hindi masyado nag ha-hang.

This phone speaks with "buy ne at your own risk'l"

Good Review

Ian Oraye Balistoy

  • Review by Ian Oraye Balistoy
  • Oct 2, 2015
Design 5.0
Portability 4.0
Operability 3.0
Response 5.0
Display 5.0
Listenability 3.0
Battery 2.0
Total 3.9

kata i3s

Kata i3s ko po ay mahinang klase..umiinit po kc yong cellphone..kapag nglalaro po ako ng clash of clan..khit sa ibang laro..konting gamit ko lng ngshushutdown na..ng.ooverheat po..sa subrang init...kainis po tlga..napalitan na po ng unit gnun prin...sayang lng ng pera ko..wla po ba ng.aayos d2 sa cavite banda?? Please me advance...

Good Review

Nate C.

  • Review by Nate C.
  • Dec 7, 2014
Design 4.0
Portability 3.0
Operability 4.0
Response 4.0
Display 4.0
Listenability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Total 3.7

Kata i3s

Very good at the first place because the price is reasonable, very cheap hone, And it is already smartphone with 5mp front and 13 mp rear thats quite good, though this brand is not familiar to me, I want to try how does KAta phone works for internet and for the call and text functions..Thats my mean purpose how this phone works, but so far I'm not mistake for my choice because it works well the processor is okay the usage is simple and user friendly phone,,.Flat 5 inches screen, so bright and colorful so I cannot say this is not good, for me this is useful kata i3s phone..

Good Review

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