KYMCO AK550 for sale in the Philippines January 2021


Model AK550
Displacement(cc) 550.00
Available Color
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Brown
Transmission AT
Starter Electric
km Per Liter -
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 15.0
Weight(kg) 230.0
L*W*H(mm) 2,165 x 795 x 1,400
Type Scooter
Offical Price P599,000

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Kymco AK550

Kymco AK550


  • Nov 26, 2020

Kymco AK550 2020 Model

Kymco AK550 2020 Model


  • Nov 25, 2020




  • Condition:New
  • Nov 11, 2020

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Kymco AK550 Test Ride and Review | Maxi Scooter Power!

Kymco AK550 Test Ride and Review | Maxi Scooter Power!

Kymco Ak550

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About KYMCO AK550

Some people find scooters less attractive. However, with the modern revolution of scooter bikes, this propaganda is not so common anymore. While the early scooters do not meet the need of one's eyes, the new models are what one wants to see. Since their introduction in the vehicle area, scooters have gone through substantial revolutionary phases. Now, scooters are on the top of people's demand list. In this digital era, The KYMCO AK550 has added more to the modern scooter bikes. Thus, the manufacturers can easily claim it to be the pioneer of the new scooter era.

KYMCO is a Taiwan-based global brand that stands for Kwang Yang Motor Company. The headquarters of the company is in Kaohsiung, in the country of origin. The company was founded in 1963. However, it was commercially introduced on 1st June 1964. The company presented itself to the global market in 1992. Since then, the company has continued its business worldwide. It has been the number one market share in Taiwan for nineteen successive years, from 1999 to 2018.

General people usually target scooter bikes for their low price. Although they provide comfort, people do not expect luxury, power, or speed from them. The KYMCO AK550 is totally different in that aspect. It combines convenience with comfort within a typical scooter bike. If you have a KYMCO AK550, you do not have just a scooter. What you have is the performance of a sportbike with an attitude. The bike integrates premium designs with a sporty look. With a dry weight of 230 kilograms and fifteen liters of fuel capacity, you get what you wanted for a long time.

The KYMCO AK550 covers every detail that you might want in your bike. For example, its streamlined body is something to envy. The LED lighting adds more to that design. Besides, it has multi-textured seating surfaces, which will strengthen your look and ownership. Even if you are not an admirer of beauty but power, KYMCO AK500 is there for you too. You will get power, luxury, electronics, and handling at its maximum. However, the price is not of the maximum range, though. The Noodoe dashboard is a revolutionary addition that KYMCO added to this model. In the current era of digitality and the internet, this dashboard seems quite essential. As a whole, you get a detail-oriented bike.

The KYMCO AK550 Provides Maximum Power

The most attractive feature of the KYMCO AK550 is its lowest gravity center. While in most motorcycles, regular bikes, or scooters, you will find a massive center of gravity. KYMCO engineered this model as such that there is a fifty-fifty balance in gravity between the front and rear. The strategic placement of the gravity center provides a solid foundation that helps you pursue an ultimate handling ability. That is why you get an outstanding balance with KYMCO AK550, which other scooters or motorcycles fail to provide. People most often complain about the handling and balancing ability of their motorbikes. However, that is not the case for KYMCO. Its lowest gravity center ensures that you have the best possible balance.

If you are unaware of the powerful engine of the KYMCO AK550, you are in the dark in motorcycle knowledge. This pioneer scooter has a powerful parallel-twin-cylinder engine of 550cc. The engine comes with liquid-cooling and DOHC eight-valve. With its responsive and silky-smooth performance, it will win your heart in no time. The engine generates a powerful acceleration with its fifty-three HP. Besides, it provides an impressive top speed. The dual power mode helps you change it from time to time for different seasons and different purposes. Another mentionable feature is its premium luxury design.

Usually, we do not get both adventure riding and pleasant touring from the same bike. However, the KYMCO AK550 is not of that kind. Its power delivery suits both pleasant touring and spirited riding in an adventure. The more you gain speed, the more comfortable riding the KYMCO AK550 gets. As you reach the eighty range, and then the hundred, the motorbike becomes alive. Speed and power are the home for AK550. For a scooter, it is quite a unique advantage. As we all know, scooters are usually light-weighted, and they do not support high-speed or power. However, you get the maximum power for a scooter from AK550.

When you run motorbikes at a high-speed, there is usually so much noise in low-powered motorbikes. However, although the KYMCO AK550 is a scooter, it offers power. As a result, it does not emit a noise like most other motorbikes. There is no engine noise, no wind noise, no stand-out rattles, no buzzing or loose panel sound. You can run effortlessly at eighty kilometers per hour with the full power mode. Indeed, cruising capability is something everyone wants to have. As a whole, the KYMCO AK550 is the top quality in its category.

An engine is the heart of a motorbike. The same applies to the KYMCO AK550 even more. That is to say that one can say it as the central part of the bike. The experience gets even better with the Akro. KYMCO AK550 has a range of 4000 to 7000 rounds per minute. Besides, the CVT set-up is like a telepathic one. It provides you the most from the motor whenever you need it. If you want, you can even get revs. The thing to look for here is that the bike holds the rev for its top speed, hundred and eighty kilometers per hour.

The ABS of the KYMCO AK550 is yet another performance that you must admire. When the ABS takes over for an emergency stop, the bike stops within just a moment like a beast. Maxi-scooters are manufactured as such that they can provide you with quality riding all seasons of the year. The KYMCO AK550 delivers the same as well.

Excellent Handling Capability Is What You Have Been Looking For

The KYMCO AK550 was manufactured in such a way that it orients performance. As the scooter provides a powerful output, the chassis needs to be powerful, too, and the manufacturers ensured it. The KYMCO AK550 has an upside-down fork front suspension. Another mentionable part is its Brembo caliper brakes with a dual disc. It ensures that the motorcycle is steady and agile when you corner it. It also helps to deliver astonishing stopping power when needed. With not so high of a price, you get such high specs.

The bike is a perfect one if you want to navigate in low-speed traffic. In low-speed traffic, you would need to stop from time to time. The KYMCO AK550 offers you to put both your feet firmly on the ground, which you cannot expect from many highly-priced motorbikes. However, like all other motorbikes, driving the KYMCO AK550 at a low speed may make you feel a little shaky. You can try to use the throttle and rear brake to get rid of the problem. However, it might not properly solve the problem. But as you change the riding mode to the Rain mode, it will help you, thankfully. The comparatively soft throttle and the gentle power delivery from the power of the twin-engine ensure it.

For a scooter, the KYMCO AK550 has a top-level braking package. The powerful brakes offer you a good feeling when running at fifty to seventy kilometers per hour on average. You get a problem-free or hassle-free stoppage till this speed limit for red lights. However, if you are a professional or highly-experienced rider, you may feel a slight pulsating vibe with gentle lever pressure when braking from a low speed. The issue is maybe due to the rotor or ABS glitch. However, almost all motorbikes have the same problem while braking from a very low speed. However, the KYMCO AK550 will out-brake any other motorbike of its same weight category. If you are still not so convinced, this might have moved you a bit. In addition to the regular brake performance, you will get the same impressive braking performance when you take a passenger. The supporting forks support to provide the same. Nonetheless, many other motorbikes will give you an excellent braking experience only when the rider is alone.

Riding the KYMCO AK550 is fun in a word. Other motorcycles that use twin-engine sometimes cannot manage to get the best from that engine. However, KYMCO managed to give the AK550 a winning shot. The fuel and gearing take every portion of torque and possible usable power. Thus, the KYMCO AK550 lunges forward with a stunning performance. As you increase the pace of the bike, the chassis and suspension impress you with their performance. The forks offer a comfortable ride when you ride over bumpy parts of the road. They are supportive of grippier and smoother riding. Moreover, they do not excessively dive when you do hard brakes. As a result, you get an impressive ride considering its weight.

Manufacturers matched the upfront inverted forks of forty-one millimeters with the three-stage reducer technology. It helps to separate the weight of the engine from the gearbox or swingarm. Besides, it separates the engine from a horizontal trailing-arm rear-suspension system that lies on the rear. The plush suspension is another thing that riders look for while buying a new motorbike. However, KYMCO has not specified anything about it. The KYMCO AK550 carries its heft low in the chassis. This way, it makes it easy to push the motorbike into a parking bay.

Premium-Quality Luxury Design Attracts the Spectators

The KYMCO AK550 has wide tires. When turning right and left on a twisty road, you get plenty of feedback and feel. There is no TC in AK550, which could be an excellent feature for someone wanting to move around the town during the wet season. However, the twin is highly predictable and tractable. Besides, it is not going to spin up. The lightweight alloy wheels of 120/70-15 inches and 160/60-15 inches Metzeler tires. Again, no TC is a setback.

The bike comes with a low seat height. It gives the rider confidence and comfortable ergonomics. However, if you are a large man, it might not be the same for you. You might not get enough room to put your legs comfortably. KYMCO is thinking to bring you those wide footrests in its next versions of Ak550, hopefully. However, sitting on the KYMCO Ak550 is very easy. You just need to lift a leg a little. With 785 millimeters height of the seat, even short riders get the chance to ride easily.

KYMCO equipped its AK550 model with the alive-looking Noodoe dashboard technology. Now comes the question of what Noodoe technology is. It is an interactive dashboard that allows you to connect your smartphone with the scooter bike. As it connects your smartphone to the scooter, you get advantages like smart navigation options, board notifications, customizable dashboard display, and so on. Besides, it lets you create your own unique layout.

The company prioritized, creating a nicely structured exhaust system, which enhances the distinctive twin-cylinder engine sound. After all, you are riding a twin-cylinder scooter. The spacious compartment under the seat is yet another feature that we must mention. If you are confused about the spaciousness of the compartment, let me clarify for you. When I tell you that it fits two helmets, maybe you will better estimate how spacious the under-seat compartment is. Moreover, there are two front glovebox compartments as well.

Most modern scooters now offer LED lights. The KYMCO AK550 is no different as it comes with excellent LED lights as well. You get on-board USB ports that let you connect your phone to charge it as well as other devices. In the modern riding era, this feature is something that you must look for when buying a motorbike. The color variation in which the KYMCO AK550 comes is also something to spectate. The Matt Black and Space Grey powerfully attracts the spectators.

Pros of KYMCO AK550

  • Sporty look and performance
  • Power cruiser scooter motorbike
  • Advanced features like the Noodoe technology
  • Agile and smart handling
  • Great handling maxi-scooter
  • An excellent build quality
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Great infotainment kit

Cons of KYMCO AK550

  • Although the under-seat storage is quite ample, it could be much bigger
  • The finish and fit of the motorbike could be improved
  • The keyless ignition might be new and hard-to-cope with for some people

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