Oct 11, 2018

Review : Is KJM Lip and Cheek Tint as good as everyone says it is?

It's not everyday that you hear about a locally produced makeup brand and hear very promising reviews about it, so when KJM Lip and Cheek Tint went rounds all over the beauty blogosphere, I had to try it out for myself.

Their Instagram page has gained so much popularity that it's reached over 135,000 followers since they came out. Even famous starlets like Sofia Andres, Maris Racal, and Alexa Ilacad have sworn to the magic of this product so this really makes it worth a try.

KJM Cosmetics was established last 2016 in Davao City and its claim to fame is their all-natural ingredients that are of the best quality in the most affordable price living up to their tagline, "it's easy to be pretty."

At PHP 110 on their official website, you can already enjoy one tube of KJM Lip and Cheek Tint. They also have different distributors like boutiques and beauty shops all around the Philippines listed on their website but of course, they charge a higher price for profit.

Their lip and cheek tint has a total of ten different colors to choose from with different shades of typical lip tint colors like pink, violet, orange, and red. Under the color red, there's Bloodshot and Bittersweet Magenta; under the Orange, there's Summer Kiss and Tango; under Pink, there's Pink Puff, Girl Talk and Dolled; and lastly, under the color violet, there's Fused, Bewitched and Vibe.

I purchased four shades representing one from each color, namely Dolled, Bewitched, Summer Kiss, and Bloodshot.

The KJM Lip and Cheek Tint is contained in a typical tube, however, it did not come in any special box, in fact, it wasn't boxed at all. It simply was sealed in a nice and tight clear plastic which by the way, I had a hard time removing even with my long nails. It took me almost 15 minutes to strip off its seal.

It's very light which is perfect for your carry-on bags. It has a black cap that's easily removed, thankfully. The product is easily seen from the outside because the tube is clear. You can tell the color immediately and also tell how much you have left.

When you open it, it's not the usual lip or cheek tint that has an applicator but in its place is a roll-on. Since it's a water-based product, the roll-on applicator works well for them instead of a brush or doe-foot applicator.

Then the label was slapped on its tube in perfect line. It has all the important information on it like the brand name, KJM All-Natural Cosmetics, what it is for, CHEEK and LIP, the name of the shade, the ingredients used, the manufacturer and the how much product is on it.

The entire packaging is pretty simple but it's elegant since they used the colors black and gold.

Now when I swatched it on my wrist, it took a few swipes before the color latched onto my skin and I waited a few minutes before it finally dried out.

It's very incredibly pigmented for a water tint and it really lived up to its promise. Now when it dried out on my wrist, I tried to wipe it off using my sweaty hands and it didn't come right off unlike other brands. It really stuck to my skin.

With the roll-on applicator, I applied it directly onto my lips and it went smoothly. It can be quite tricky though since it's water-based and it might taint the skin around your lips so you have to be careful. There's also a tendency you can get it all over your teeth. It happened to me so you have to apply it carefully. It doesn't particularly have any scent or taste to it.

Here's how each color looks on the lips.

It works on your lips as well as on your cheeks since if effectively gave life and color to my cheeks. I used Bloodshot for a whole day and it looked like it was freshly applied. It's very natural and it really gives you that bathed-under-the-sun blush effect.

I went out to go about my day and after a few hours of sweating, I was surprised to see it's still there. It settled nicely on my cheeks and gave that gradient look on my lips.

After trying it out, the things I noticed about the KJM Lip and Cheek, in general, is that it's very affordable with a high-quality performance. Aside from the fact that it's highly pigmented, its ingredients are also made of all-natural elements. One tube can probably last you up to a maximum of six months.

The cons of the product is that it doesn't indicate the expiration date and that they have yet to create a physical store because shipping fee can be expensive especially if you're buying only one product. After a while, you can feel your lips getting dry so you'll have to put on some lip balm.

But all in all, it's a really good lip and cheek tint and it's a total bargain with its price at PHP 110 and I would definitely buy myself another one once I've finished it off.

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