May 16, 2018

A new report claims Honda NSX Type-R may arrive by 2020

It seems a hotter version of the Honda NSX is really in the pipeline. According to a Japanese report, the new version dubbed as the Honda NSX Type-R has already been given the green signal by the company. It is likely to make its debut in 2019 with the availability pegged for 2020.

The second-generation Honda NSX was launched in 2016 and ever since rumors about a hotter Type-R version of the car have been doing the rounds. Earlier this year even Jon Ikeda, the vice president and general manager of the Acura Division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. hinted at its possibility which is now backed by a new report out of Japan stating that the NSX Type-R is in fact in the pipeline and may arrive in 2020.

Honda NSX

Jon Ikeda in an interview given to Australia's Motoring earlier this year, said, "I am a car guy, so always faster performance vehicles...yeah, we like that, we talk about it." But he stopped short of confirming the existence of the NSX Type-R by uttering, "We'll see....anything can happen. There's always proposals". Though Ikeda was careful in not revealing anything in advance, his choice of words hinted that a souped-up version of the Honda NSX was in the offing.

And now it seems the Honda NSX Type-R is a step closer to reality as the latest report claims that the car has already been given the go-ahead and it will make its debut in 2019 before it hits the stores in 2020 with an estimated cost of 35million yen.

The new car will be driven by a boosted version of its 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, capable of churning out 641horsepower as against 573horsepower in the case of the Honda NSX. The new improved car will, however, make use of the same dual-clutch, nine-speed automatic transmission as found in the Honda NSX. On the exterior, the NSX Type-R is expected to come with carbon fiber skirting around its body, a larger rear wing and a lower and more aggressive front fascia.

Apart from the latest report, there were also developments in the past that suggested for an upcoming version of the NSX. If we recall, Honda filed for a patent for a new air dam last year. Also, mysterious prototypes of the NSX were spotted at the Nurburgring last August. Both these stories lend credence to the rumor that an upgraded version of the Honda NSX, possibly the NSX Type-R, is on its way.

Meanwhile, another rumor is also floating in the air which claims that Honda might also launch an NSX Roadster later this year, well before the NSX Type-R makes its debut. Details, however, are awaited about this new vehicle.

About the NSX Type-R, Honda is yet to come out with any confirmation, but considering that the recent Civic Type-R is doing well the company will probably think about spicing up the performance cars lineup with the introduction of the NSX Type-R. In case anything further comes up in this regard, we will keep you updated.

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