May 15, 2019

2020 Honda Jazz: What You Need to Know

The Honda Jazz is popular with some local users, but other options are overtaking it, so Honda is taking steps to ensure that it stays relevant in the game.

Subcompact-class automobiles have steadily built a following locally, with one of the bigger names in this category being the Honda Jazz, which is also known as the Honda Fit in other markets. Thanks to good engineering and marketing by Honda, it has managed to maintain its positive momentum.

The Jazz has been facing stiff competition from compact SUVs and other crossover models as of late, which has made Honda change course and implement some changes in the upcoming Jazz refresh, which is good since it means that there will be more new features.

Images of the 2020 Jazz model have been circulating around the net and have managed to set up the expectations for next year.

The refreshed look doesn't follow the same path of the Honda Civic, which went for a totally different look. The new car's front part is almost similar to the current-generation Honda CR-V, giving it a sportier look.

The headlights are large and rectangular, and features more detail in its bezels, with some saying that it follows the design of the first Jazz models. The metal surface on the front-end has a smoother look since Honda decided to minimize the creases. The rear end of the new Jazz follows the design of the current-generation Honda hatchbacks.

This new Jazz will also have an all-terrain variant which will have bigger cladding surrounding the sills and wheel arches. This variant will also feature a beefier front bumper, increased height clearance, and roof rails for big cargo (like surfboards), giving drivers the chance to take the new Jazz on off-beaten tracks.

The interior cabin features a two-toned dashboard, which has a touchscreen interface and the vertical air-conditioning vents.

Under the hood, the new Jazz will offer options for a turbo-charged 1L, three-cylinder gasoline power train and a 1.5L diesel variant. With the fluctuating price of gasoline, having a diesel option is a welcome option for users who want to save on gas money, though it's important to note that diesel-powered cars are usually a bit more expensive.

The 2020 Honda Jazz will make its appearance in this year's Tokyo Motor Show and is expected to go on sale later this year or in the first quarter of next year.

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