May 29, 2018

Honda reveals the CRF450L for off-road riding

If you are looking for a proper off-roader, Honda has the answer for you. It has recently unveiled its lightweight dual-sport bike, the CRF450L based on the CRF450X dirt bike. The new bike comes with attractive mechanical and electronic upgrades and features horns, mirrors, stand, and speedometer.

Much to the delight of fans, Honda has taken the wraps off its latest dual-sport bike, the CRF450L based on the CRF450X dirt bike, which is also based on the CRF450R. The new CRF450L is, therefore, a road legal and a dirt bike in the true sense. It will come with features like LED lighting, a side stand, and a bigger tank.

The CRF450L is powered by a 449cc single-cylinder four stroke engine. The engine and chassis are the same as found in the CRF450X, but subtle modifications have been made to make it a road legal. The titanium fuel tank from the CRF450X is there, but now it comes with a bigger 7.6liters of capacity with a lockable fuel cap. The mapping for fueling and ignition are in the line of enduro style riding.

The off-roader has longer service interval at 32,000km. But this has led to a compromise in power as it produces just 24.6bhp. The torque output is not known at this moment.

The CRF450L is armed with an improved radiator, powerful AC generator, which handles the LED lightings. Now, there is also a stronger lithium-ion battery. The bike is laced with rear view mirrors, headlamp, LED tail lights, speedometer, stand, and horn. Despite all these additions, the bike weighs only a mere 131kg, which is good for a bike this size.

Those who love to ride on dirt, the Honda CRF450L will add to their joy. The slender lightweight bike though challenged with limited power will ensure it plods its way through off-road riding, keeping you to the trails at the same time.

Honda is soon to commence selling of the CRF450L in the US and European countries. However, the cost is not revealed as yet. But expectedly, the price will be on the higher side. Doubt prevails if the bike will launch in the Asian markets and the Philippines for that matter. If it does, it is not going to be soon, however.

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