Jun 18, 2015

Honda to releases a production version of their MotoGP world champion the RC213V race bike.

Now you can drive a MotoGp two time world champion bike on the public roads

On June 11, 2015 Honda Motors Co, announced the production of a street version of their 2 time MotoGp world champion (2013 and 2014) race bike the RC213V.
Since the motorcycle will be mainly developed for travelling on public roads. Honda had to carefully change some parts for public road performance without compromising the bikes character.”
The public road version of the RC213V race bike, the “RC213V-S” will be sold for the amount of 21.9 Million Yen (around 7.9 Million Peso *exchange rate of 6/2015). Honda will start accepting negotiations with buyers on July 13.

Achieve a performance as close as the race bike thanks to the special “Sports kit”

Instead of developing the RC213V-S to produce the same power as the RC213V, Honda’s Goal is to develop the best steering feel. Honda will also prepare a limited track only version. The Sport kit attached to the track only version is expected to deliver a performance closer to the world champion RC213V race bike.



A 999cc V4 engine producing 70ps (Japan specs) will be mounted on the RC213V-S while the track only version with the Sports kit produces 215ps.
Although the intake, exhaust and cam gears are the same as a racing engine, due to the motorcycles maintenance, they’ve switched from using pneumatic valve spring system to coil spring type and the seamless transmission was replaced with a common six-speed return transmission.

"The output of the 999cc V4 engine differs by country, 70ps in Japan, 159ps in Europe (excluding France) and 101ps in the US (depending on the state)."

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