Jun 14, 2018

This Honda CBR150R Tricycle is the Best Filipino Transport Vehicle You'll Ever See

The Philippine culture isn't as rich and diverse as it is now without some of the quirks and genius Filipinos have readily showcased for decades.

Flash-forward to 2018, these are all evident not only in the field of entertainment and infrastructure but more recently, this well-rooted practicality and talent can now all be gleaned from the country's transportation sector. Recently, a success story has been caught riding high on a Filipino transport vehicle that was formerly heralded as the best sports bike around. Insane, right?

Among the numerous transformations which have been seen in the Philippine's transportation vehicles, the fusion of the Honda CBR150R and the country's culture is perhaps the most noteworthy. The sporty motorcycle's metamorphosis doesn't just indicate the Filipino's welcoming of the modern times in technology but more importantly, the changeover is a clear sign that the transportation sector is now ready to embrace change while still honoring the past successes with such significance.

The Honda CBR150R tricycle is customized by Abella Transport Manufacturing Industries who also makes sidecars for other motorcycles, such as Honda Beat and KTM Duke. If you are interested to buy one, you are also able to custom the colors you want.

The Honda CBR150R tricycle is a powerhouse in performance. From its fuel efficiency and traveling performance, this mode of transportation could not have come more timely, especially at a time when more Filipinos value speed and quality when braving the traffic in the metro. And with a tinge of varying colors and style, this tricycle mirror's the country's evident progress as of late. Indeed, this transformation is not only a major advancement for the sector but also a reflection on how things are really going for the country.

The vehicular alteration of the Honda CBR150R to a top-of-the-line tricycle is a staunch reminder why the Philippine culture is as celebrated as it is now. More importantly, this signals more advancements to come in the field of transportation. And we can hardly wait.

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