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Honda BeAT Street for sale in the Philippines June 2021

Honda BeAT Street

Honda BeAT Street
Model BeAT Street
Displacement(cc) 110.00
Available Color
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White
Transmission AT
Starter Electric/Kick
km Per Liter -
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 4.0
Weight(kg) 90.0
L*W*H(mm) 1,856 x 666 x 1,068
Type Scooter
Offical Price P66,900
Online Reservation At

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2019 Honda Beat Street Fi

2019 Honda Beat Street Fi


  • Jun 16, 2021

Swap or Sale Honda BeAt Street fi V2 ADV theme

Swap or Sale Honda BeAt Street fi V2 ADV theme


  • Apr 27, 2021

2019 Honda Beat Street

2019 Honda Beat Street


  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Sep 10, 2020

2019 Honda Beat Street

2019 Honda Beat Street


  • 2019
  • NCR - Metro Manila
  • Jun 24, 2020

Honda BeAT Street Motorcycle Accessories & Parts

Latest News of Honda BeAT Street

About Honda BeAT Street


The Honda BeAT street was from the Japanese Honda motor company. The Honda BeAT Street comes in the Philippines with a great deal of fanfare and guarantees as Honda Company has a demonstrated history of the best motorcycles in the world. It consists of a 110cc motor that has a fuel capacity of 63km/l. The key features and the dashing looks of the Honda BeAT Street are more distinct and super developed. The Honda BeAT street has gotten the motorcycles admirers in the Philippines more energized for its wonderful mileage. It has key features such as the Enhanced Smart Power (ESP) innovation, a computerized meter board with an eco pointer, and for the superior variation, a CB System (Combi brake), and a stop and start framework is also available for it. All these key features help the scooter to function effectively and smoothly.

The 110 cc Honda BeAT Street is surely one of the best scooters accessible in the nation. This small scooter in Honda's product offering is focused on the adolescent age groups with three vibrant color choices with reasonable costs, and simple elements. To cope up with the expanding interest for beautiful, sturdy, and eco-friendly bikes in the nation, Honda Philippines (HPI) has reported that it will begin the creation of the 2020 Honda BeAT Street at its assembling office in Tanauan.

The Honda motor company always tries something new for its customer's wellbeing. If you know nothing about this scooter. And you are in search of a good scooter for yourself. Don't worry. We are here to tell you about its features, performance, mileage, speed, etc. Even though the highlights of the Honda BeAT Street look extremely engaging at its cost tag, we urge you to at present post and contrast it and different competitors' motorcycles in the market. Despite the value contrast, truly want you to get the best incentive for your hard-earned money. And at the end of this post, we guarantee you that you will get to know everything about this scooter. So what are you waiting for? Grab your coffee and start starting.

The Honda BeAT Street is a cool and comfortable bike

This Honda BeAT street consists of 110cc motor in the Philippines and it gives 8.6 hp of power to the scooter. It consists of two types of starting systems such as the electric and kick-starting systems. But the motor of this Honda BeAT street changes from one country to another country. For instance, in India, it will be having only 109cc motor and it varies in other international countries. This motorcycle is called BeAT Street, where AT represents automatic transmission. This BeAT Street 2020 is accessible with a CVT transmission.

The BeAT Street 2020 is a two-seater motorcycle and it has a length of 1856 mm width of 742 mm. The price of this scooter in the Philippines is ₱66,900. The tries of this scooter are tubeless tires. It also consists of a keen shutter system, a side-stand switch, and a parking brake locker that helps you to lock the scooter safely. The CBS helps it to switch off the engine automatically in the traffic and starts automatically when it's ideal to go to dodge superfluous fuel utilization. The Honda BeAT Street has bigger and long-lasting wheels when contrasted with the Aviator and the Activa. The front tire size of the Honda BeAt street is 80/90 -14M/ C and the rear tire size is 90/90- 14M/C 46P.

The BeAT Street has 4.0 liters of the fuel tank and it weighs just 90 kg, which is lighter than the vast majority of different motorcycles. It gets electric and launches and accompanies a programmed transmission on it. BeAT Street has a ground leeway of 147 mm. It also consists of the Combi-Brake system for safety purposes. The CBS helps in maintaining the balance between the brake force among the front brake and the rear brake. The BeAT Street accompanies along with the supporting wheels as well. You can find the Honda BeAT Street in 3 different colors such as white, black, and grey. The white-colored one comes with sky blue colored stripes on in it and the black and orange scooters come with orange-colored stripes on it. This gives a perfect stylish look for the scooter.

For a scooter, its nature of drive and ride is well classified with keen body control. It is enjoyable to drive it around and how it moves and steers helps to remember the best scooters of bygone eras. The dampers of this scooter have been renovated which has expanded the roadway holding and security without compromising the treatment of this scooter. The slowing down is lovely on point as well. It has accomplished 60-0 mph in 13s with no blur by any means and it can also reach up to 83 mph at high speed. The motor is a solid performer as well and is very calm while reversing it. The mileage ratio will drop eventually extra if you choose to drive it rather fastly, contingent upon the territory. Its ride is good and comfortable.

The Honda BeAT Street is going to release three new designs Honda beAT. The Honda motor company always tries to make people wonder by the implementation of its new features. And you won't be able to find this type of scooter from any other company. The Honda BeAT Street is an all in one scooter with super and well-developed specifications. Although there is no much difference between it and its precedent one i.e. Honda BeAt.

By saying that, we hurry to include that it has the old-world appeal composed over it which would interest its specialty client base. They are probably going to ignore a couple of imperfections. It is intended for appreciating a great ride which it conveys easily. A great incentive for a good package where you get a smidgen of everything such as the macho looks, reliable execution, incredible motor, good quality, and simply enough innovation at the cost you are paying. We wouldn't be astounded on the off chance that you proceed to get it.

The Honda BeAT Street is quite fastly developing its craze in Southeast Asian nations, which satisfies the requests of individuals, generally for the more teenage people that are incredibly fond of these scooters. This 90 kg motorcycle is a 110 cc air-cooled and fuel infused SOHC motor. Force yield is evaluated at 8.6 hp at 750 rpm while the force figure comes to 9.3 Nm at 7500 rotations per minute. Which is not powerful, it has enough snorts to carry a rider and one traveler energetically. The motor is generally calm and refined. There are not many vibrations felt through the handlebars.

The Honda BeAT Street is elegant, beautiful, and comfortable to drive.

The Honda BeAT Street is focused more on adolescent people. Nothing brings this home more than the three shading choices – like white, black, and grey - that this motorcycle accompanies. When we think about the exterior part of the motorcycle the customers expect a dashing and sporty look. Honda most likely may felt its motorcycle were terrible and gave it a facelift in 2017 that incorporated a semi-advanced instrument show, new haggle plan, new front light, and marker mix bunch, and new taillight brake and pointer group. That front lamp is currently a rakish multi-reflector unit that joins huge pointers with huge programmed fog light. Covering boards is by all accounts the topic here with body shading boards over dark boards making a striking differentiation. Behind the headcover is a footboard.

The attractive headlight helps you to see the things at night which are far from you. The eco indicator helps and notifies you about fuel consumption. The seat is practically leveled up towards the end. The taillight is likewise like the anterior end and ties together the advanced look. The motorcycle is made ideal for metropolitan conditions with compact measurements. There are 14", 5 twin compound wheels with 80/90 tires on the front and 90/90 tires on the back. These tires are tubeless ones and they can go smoothly in the bumpy roads. The minus point for the Honda BeAT Street is an 11.2 L extra room that anyway can't store a helmet.

At the front, there is an analog speedometer along with the orange light. This analog speedometer gives you the information about the speed that you are traveling and many more. The small lights beside the headlight help you to give the signal when you are turning. The dimensions of the Honda BeAT Street scooter are 1,856 x 666 x 1,068. It has a wheel size of R14 at both front and rear. The Honda BeAT Street brand new stylish design makes you go crazy. However, the best part about this motor is the fuel utilization figure. The lightweight bike can without much of a stretch figure out how to travel more than 63 km for every liter of fuel. This is partially likewise on account of the Idle Stop-start framework that switches off the motor following three seconds of idling. The framework can likewise be killed with a simple flick of a switch.

The Honda BeAT Street is a lightweight bike and every age group can drive it easily without any issues.

The BeAT accompanies ordinary adjustable front forks in the front and a unit swing in the back that functions admirably generally. Be that as it may, this lightweight and the reduced motorcycle isn't intended for speed purpose but it allows you to go up to 140 km speed. The main intention of this scooter is to deliver a safe and comfortable ride to its customers. The suspension doesn't permit you to travel excessively quick or on terrible streets. The ride essentially turns out to be excessively rough sometimes. The seat is additionally similarly as slight as it looks. It is additionally firm and may lead you to put resources into some cushioning. In any case, the ride, generally, is agreeable insofar as ridden sensibly. The seating position is upstanding and loosened up gratitude to the 740 mm seat stature and high positioned handlebars.

It has a fuel tank of 4 liters. It consists of the extraordinary braking systems to help you when necessary. It also consists of the PGM-Fi fuel injection is a combination of the generator and the starter insole mechanism for a noiseless and smooth starting of the motor. Its fuel supply mechanism with the electronic powered technology supplies the air and fuel to the engine for efficient power. The Honda BeAT Street has a unique side-stand switch that automatically switches off the motor once settled down. It also consists of an ideal key shutter which is a mix of the attractive security start and the set discharge button. The Honda BeAT Street consists of Euro 3 emission control system in it. It consists of three clutch types such as the dry type, centrifugal one, and the automatic one. It is a great innovation for your wellbeing and comfort.

At this value point expecting things like double plate brakes is unreasonable. In any case, there is a pressure-driven circle brake on the front and a drum brake on the back. On account of its combi braking mechanism, however, it enacts both the front and back brakes when the left switch is pulled. The battery voltage and battery capacity of the Honda BeAT Street are 12V and 3 Ah.

This is considered to be ideal for everyday driving and it looks dashing. This dynamic brilliant scooter from the place of Honda will meet your desire in the most perfect manner. This motorcycle is surely an ideal decision for the present youths because of its smooth and bright presence alongside its moderate value go. Likewise, the individuals who like the mini scooters will adore this scooter too, this motorcycle is ideal for daily driving yet doesn't anticipate the speed from this. You can't drive this excessively quick if the streets are lopsided.

Pros and Cons of the Honda BeAT Street


  • The four-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 110cc motor of the Honda Beat may be little, yet with the greatest force yield of 8.8 PS and it goes up to 63 km for just one liter of fuel.
  • The pointedly planned front cover with pointy headlamps and dark-colored lights make the Honda BeAT Street look dashing.
  • It has a smooth plain design, which is very useful for individuals who are new to the experience of riding a motorcycle.
  • The thin profile, along with its good design, makes it a good motorcycle to deal with in the hardest of metropolitan riding obligations.


  • The thin and minimized design of the Honda BeAT Street gobbles up a lot of under-seat extra space, which is too smaller to even consider storing a helmet in that.
  • The scooter comes with a section advanced instrument support, in any case, its design looks excessively straightforward and dated by the present standards.

Reviews of Honda BeAT Street

User Review : 1Reviews

design 4.0
engine performance 4.0
travelling performance 5.0
ride quality 4.0
fuel efficiency 4.0
Total 4.2

Juan Melton

Nice Experience with Honda Beat

Eto yung first bike ko. Pinanghahatid sundo ko sa gf ko diresto joyride. Hindi to pwede sa mahabaang byahe dahil ...Read more

  • Rating : 4.2
  • Date : Jul 14, 2020
  • Review by Juan Melton

Forum of Honda BeAT Street

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Last price na talaga yan?

Wala ng mas mababa jan? Baka pwede pa kasi negotiable

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Arnel Garcia

Paano aayusin yung clog?

May parang problema yung motor ko, nagresearch ako ng onti halos karamihan ang nakikita tungkol sa clog, kaso wala naman malinaw na solution

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