Hitachi RA-20HV Reviews

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  • Window
  • 18600 kj/h
Hitachi RA-20HV

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Overall Rating

Design 4.5
Usuability 4.0
Power 4.0
Quietness 2.0
Size 3.5
Anti bacteria/odor eliminating 4.0
Total 3.7

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  • Review by MCV
  • Sep 19, 2017
Design 5.0
Usuability 4.0
Power 4.0
Quietness 1.0
Size 3.0
Anti bacteria/odor eliminating 3.0
Total 3.3

Like an airplane taking off and landing

That is my biggest issue with Hitachi aircondition. Had their service technician check it. Just after a year, they say that there are parts that need to be fixed. Conveniently for them - it is not the parts that had a 5 year warranty. I just wanted to make sure that all those ignorant innocents will not suffer the same fate. I am in this website to look for another aircondition to replace the hitachi one. We feel that the plane might take off and crash the next time. Better to replace it.

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Jay Rhald Caballes Padilla

  • Review by Jay Rhald Caballes Padilla
  • Jan 22, 2016
Design 4.0
Usuability 4.0
Power 4.0
Quietness 3.0
Size 4.0
Anti bacteria/odor eliminating 5.0
Total 4.0

Hitachi Air Conditions

It's good but i noticed that it's so slow to cool especially if there are so many people but but it is worth paying for. Before, when we are sleeping, there's so many mosquito that we cant sleep anymore but now, Hitachi does it all. It also smell nice in our bedroom when the air conditioner is on. I also noticed that it dont use the power highly and we are very thankful for that because the electric bill is no problem for us. Before, we are doubting to buy air con because the bill will also get high but we noticed that our electric bill rates only 1400-1700 per month. P200 higher only than before.

It's so noisy we cant sleep properly.

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