Overall Rating

Design 3.2
Operability 2.4
Picture Quality 3.0
Sound Quality 3.0
Reading Accuracy 2.8
Output Terminal 3.0
Size 2.6
Total 2.9

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CharLe Ito

  • Review by CharLe Ito
  • Nov 2, 2017
Design 2.0
Operability 1.0
Picture Quality 4.0
Sound Quality 4.0
Reading Accuracy 3.0
Output Terminal 4.0
Size 3.0
Total 3.0

Video format unsupported 720 quality up

Movies that are 720 quality up can't play

Good Review

Rosalia Hermosa

  • Review by Rosalia Hermosa
  • Jun 23, 2014
Design 4.0
Operability 4.0
Picture Quality 4.0
Sound Quality 4.0
Reading Accuracy 4.0
Output Terminal 3.0
Size 2.0
Total 3.6


DVD pang masa,mura kasi ito pero pang high class yung quality niya lalo na yung picture quality pag naka play na yung movies kahit pirated para paring original, lahat ng nilalagay mo pini play talaga, medyo panget lang yung design nito, bulky tapos mabigat,

Good Review

Jose Fernandez

  • Review by Jose Fernandez
  • May 12, 2014
Design 5.0
Operability 5.0
Picture Quality 5.0
Sound Quality 5.0
Reading Accuracy 5.0
Output Terminal 5.0
Size 4.0
Total 4.9

nice dvd

the dvd player i bought is good and easy to carry it can play pirate cd and bluray so easy to setup no hussle at all and it must buy because its good. it can play karaoke and vcd, dvd and bluray disk. this dvd are very cheap and easy to replace part when its broken but dont worry its good and can last 5 years. it has output of speaker and you can use it and connect it to speaker. its speaker are small but so loud and nice . its bass sounds are amazing. this will the best dvd player i bought because it so wise and nice and its remote is powered by double A batteries which are very cheap nowadays so therefore buy now this item and you will be happy

the wire at corrossive

Good Review

Cris Gomez

  • Review by Cris Gomez
  • Sep 13, 2013
Design 2.0
Operability 1.0
Picture Quality 1.0
Sound Quality 1.0
Reading Accuracy 1.0
Output Terminal 1.0
Size 1.0
Total 1.1

Not good quality

Kaya naman mura eh hindi kasi maganda ang labo ng pictures sa tv.Tapos hindi siya nag re-reading ng mga pirate cd's namimili talaga ito.Hindi ko rin gusto yung sa speaker nito hindi maintindihan yung salita tsaka pag tinodo mo naman yung volume lalong wala kang maintindihan kasi sabog yung deliver ng sounds.Kaya napabili tuloy kami ng ibang dvd player nasayang lang yung pera namin dito hindi naman kasi maganda ang quality.China made lang kas ito kaya hindi ganung kapulido ang quality nito pati sa output minsan nagloloko din.

Good Review


  • Review by Itzmhe12
  • Jun 20, 2013
Design 3.0
Operability 1.0
Picture Quality 1.0
Sound Quality 1.0
Reading Accuracy 1.0
Output Terminal 2.0
Size 3.0
Total 1.7


Hindi ko nagustuhan yung performance quality nitong HUG DVD-MIDI1 mura lang siya kaya binili pero nung ginamit nanamin hindi malinaw yung deliver ng picture quality nito kasi malabo siya myay times na hindi siya ng re-read ng mga cd's tapos yung sa sounds naman hindi rin ganung ka lakas at kalinaw yung feedback sa design kasi ok talaga yung dating niya sa mga output terminal wala naman problema tsaka yung operating minsan ng i-istock up yung player kasya imbis na mag enjoy ka mawawalan ka ng ganang gamitin ito.

Good Review

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