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  • Production 2008 - present
  • 2014 Dodge Journey SUV offers 2.4L 4 cylinder, 4 speed automatic or 3.6L V6 FFV AWD 6 speed automatic engine options with FWD drivetrain.
  • The 2.4L model offers fuel economy of 19/26 mpg - making it popular. 173 Hp at 6000 rpm is produced with four wheel independent suspension and stabilization.
  • Interior specs are comfortable with good touch interface and spacious seating. Exterior specs include sleek design and safety equipment including ABS.

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exterior 4.0
interior 3.0
engine performance 3.0
travelling performance 3.0
ride quality 3.0
fuel efficiency 2.0
Total 3.0

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jan 22, 2017
exterior 4.0
interior 3.0
engine performance 3.0
travelling performance 3.0
ride quality 3.0
fuel efficiency 2.0
Total 3.0

My review after driving for nearly 7 years.

It looks like a bit naughty, but it is a proper daily car inside.
Anti-odor seat and 3 zone aircon were convenient. Also, it has a lot of hidden storage, so I can store things there to make it look less clattered.

As for its run, it starts slowly, but I don't have trouble in merging at expressways. Having said that, this is not good at going uphill on expressways, so I have never driven there. I didn't feel uneasy even with many passengers.

It might have had bad connection with illumination, but it sometimes warned me that the door is still open. Side cameras sometimes don't work in bright environment.

Fuel efficiency is 8.1km/l. It has done 13km/l on bypass, but in traffic jam on local roads, it has done 5km/l. Fuel efficiency is not so good, but it offers joy of driving which makes me forget about the bad fuel efficiency.

The exterior has slight gaps, which I find it typical as an American car, but it doesn't have major problem, so I kind of wanted to drive this longer.

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