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  • Core 2 Duo, 1.2GHz
  • 2GB, SSD, 128GB
Dell Adamo

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Design 5.0
Processing Speed 3.8
Graphics 3.3
Expandability 2.0
Usability 3.3
Portability 4.3
Battery 3.3
Display 2.8
Total 3.4

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Jun 5, 2009
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 1.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Display 4.0
Total 3.8

no title

I purchased it immediately, but in a sense, I really messed up. I placed an order online Adamo Black(ONYX) at 276,000yen on April 21.
Afterbeing made to wait for a longtime, I received a message of delivery on May 20.
However, Dell informed that it would take much more time for the production, due to the delay in supply of AC adapter.
It finally arrived from abroad on May 28 (from China?).
I waited up more than one month. In addition, DVD/CD drive is not equipped on this machine from the beginning.

In the first place, when I bought the main body, there was an item 'optical drive'.
In adittion, there was a strange display saying 'optical drive is not on-board (included in the price)!
This is silly!
I did not buy a machine which has MS office and I can not install any software that requires CD-ROM(>_<).
Then, I decided to buy portable DVD/CD drive, but there is portable optical drive on DELL's website.
I called and they said, "Dell does not sell it".
Although they sell expensive personal computer without optical drive, they do not sell drive separately.
Is it true?
In addition, the personal computer is 64 bits version and drive needs 64 bits version as well.
I looked for it at discount store such as Yodobashi Camera and manufacturer such as Buffalo, but I could not find 64 bits version.
I again called DELL and complained.
Then they said, "We have DVD drive of Blue-Ray".
I was so happy and made an order, but I was surprised to see the product when I received it.
This is not potable but large type, and furthermore is 32bit version.
When I complained, a reply came in a way of "I'm sorry, we accept return." But a saying was added,"we don't deal with DVD/CD drive designed for Adamo."
Basically, a Chinese recipient lady, whose name is Ryu or something, can't understand Japanese.
After all, DELL's behavior in correspondences in Japan is full of scorn at shoppers, and makes me mad.

DELL in US supplies Blu-ray type drive intended to Adamo (349.99$) and normal drive (119.99$) with shipments within 24 hours, either being attached or separated to PC. Furthermore, although fabulous sleeve bags(94.99$ or 124.99$ with a Key) made by TUMI is sold online, DELL in Japan somehow never sells it
Therefore, from April until now, I haven't been able to install one piece of software, so it were totally uproductive days.
So, lets get to the product: Casing: The whole image makes one imagine the goodness of Mac Pro.
Also, when I got it, there was no firm curvature.
The 331(W) x 242(D) x 16.4(H)mm measurement the Maker advertises is wrong.
Since the gum part at the bottom is about 3mml high, and the strictly lightest part is about 19mml the thickness of 1.64cm of the official name is about the same as the MacBookAir (lightest part 19.4mm).
The front case has no openings, only the earphone openings are on the right side, its a good thing all the other ones like USB or eSATA openings are concentrated on the back part.
It interacts with bluetooth so you can also use wireless earphones. Screen: 16:9 at 13.4 inches make for a really comfortable size.
1366 x 768 dots of characters are not too small, just fine.
The entire screen is covered with glass, and the gaps between the screen and the flame are out of view.
This is also good.
"Weight": I bear with the heaviness of 1.81kg to hold the snobbish PC.
"Memory": As it has 4GB Memory from the beginning, so I do not need the expansion memory.
In addition, I can not open behind, unlike most other PC .(^^;)
"Disc": SSD discs has 128GB and it's very quiet.
As it does not have big strage, it does not take time to defragment and I feel comfortable.

"Laptop" means "a computer on a lap", but a regular laptop reaches an extremely high internal temperature and might burn your lap.
On the other hand, even while using Adamo for a long duration of time, it doe not reach an extreme temperature, and is pleasant.
[CPU]Not as good as a device with Core2 Duo SU 9400, but I don't feel frustrated at all.
[Keyboard] The keyboard backlight might be useless except for use in airplanes, but it's an attention-drawing function nevertheless.
Ky pitch is reliable with 19mm, but there is a problem with the key positioning.
First of all, the rightmost enter key.
On the right is PgUp and PgDn, and it's impossible to blind touch (View the picture).
99 percent of personal computers have ENTER key at rightmost end of keyboard, and we usually click wiithou seeing the key.
SHIFT key at right is too small, and it is buried in key groups(see picture).

(AC adaptor) It is the same as personal computer, and it is as thin as 1.64 centimeters(size: 107x64x16 millimeteres).
We can fold socket and it is easy to be put into places and portable.
I am so glad that we do not have to use thick code by replacing socket.
(OS) The OS is Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64 bit Regular Edition.
The Ultimate Edition is included in the 64 bit version CD-ROM so it can be easily upgraded.
However, Microsoft Office products are all 32 bit versions.
Microsoft is verifying the operability of 64 bit versions, but the regular versions do not seem to have any problems when installed.
(other) A 1.3 million pixel web camera and digital microphone are included.
There is no outside display output pin terminal which connects projector, and thereby Amado is not suitable for presentation of work.
It has no sensor which authorizes fingerprint, and it is a personal computer for private use which we cannot share with others.
Speaking of none, it has neither SD card nor express card, and it is inconvenient to edit a picture without USB adaptor.
However, I am very glad that it is the newest personal computer where it has 3 USB2.0 connectors and one of which is eSATA that can transfer at speed as high as 4 to 6 times of USB, which is seen in personal computer at high performace produced by Toshiba.
At the center of screen top, icons called Dell Dock etc.
line up for use by clicking IE and photos.
These are enjoyable links you can shake them like bells.
It's unkind that there aren't any pamphlets that explain about these specific usage of Adamo.
This may be a machine that purchasers can give high scores. Please release the portable DVD/CD drive soon.

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • May 23, 2010
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 3.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Display 3.0
Total 3.6

It is MAC.

The design is MAC. It is noisy.
The display is not that good.
The case was high grade.

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Oct 1, 2010
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 2.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 2.0
Usability 3.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 4.0
Display 1.0
Total 3.1

It's been around 110 days since I bought it.

I replaced my XPS M1330 with this purchase.
Please be aware that there will be many comparison with the M1330.
[Design] As a DELL product, the design is second to Adamo2.
It's great that the height is standardized.
[Processing speed] All CPU, Memory, HD (size), and video lacks compared with the M1330, which is disappointing.
It won't be a problem with regular usage, but letters appear slow when typing long paragraphs over internet (blogging).
*Is my typing too fast? The CPU (Video?) feels very weak (The worst attribute)
[Graphics performance] I don't play games, so there's no problems with regular use and watching videos.
[Expandability] As you may know, there is no expandability, but the ESATA compatibility is great (Haven't used it once though).
This device is for portability, so don't expect expandability.
[Ease of use] There might be some who like this kind of keyboard touch, but I hate it.
The keyboard backlight function is cool, but I turn it off to reserve the battery life.
[Portability] I never use this at home; it's especially for outside use.
I'm happy with the slim body.
[Battery] 3-4hr battery duration is great.
[Display] There is a problem.
The display brightness is unstable and changes often.
I want a repair.
It's not a major flaw but it happens at a very often rate.
I am sure that at first they will recommend recovery of OS if I inquire about it.
Therefore, I was going to challenge recovery by myself, but I am too busy and bother to do it.
It seems that guarantee period is going to be expired without recovering.

(General opinion) I like clicking sound when I close with crystal liquid.

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  • Review by Japanese user
  • Oct 18, 2011
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 3.0
Expandability 2.0
Usability 2.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 3.0
Display 3.0
Total 3.3

This is my first submission

[Design]Black and shiny – it looks great.
[Processing speed] Thanks to SSD, it is sufficient.
[Graphics] As I do not play games, it is good enough.
[Expandability] You cannot even use an SD card.
[Usability] I would be lying if I said the keyboard is easy to use.
[Portability] It is heavy, but if you need a thin notebook, it is for you.
[Battery] I cannot say anything as I never use it for long hours without connecting it.
[LCD]It has a glossy LCD, but personally I prefer a non-glossy one.
[General comments] You cannot use it as a main machine, but it is good for your hobbies.

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