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Daihatsu Taft Mini SUV L_1

Daihatsu Taft 1st Generation 1974-1984
  • Daihatsu Taft Mini SUV S_1
  • Daihatsu Taft Mini SUV S_2
  • Daihatsu Taft Mini SUV S_3
  • Daihatsu Taft Mini SUV S_4
  • Daihatsu Taft Mini SUV S_5
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  • Production 1974 - 1984
  • 1984 Daihatsu Taft provides a 956 cc in-line, 4-cyl gasoline engine along with 4WD drivetrain spec. This economy car provides a very handsome reliability.
  • It has max power of 45 HP at 5400 rpm along with max torque of 63 Nm at 4200 rpm. Transmission is good and it produces a comfortable ride.
  • Its detailed specifications looks comforting along with its exterior and interior looks. It is quite spacious along with basic body structure.

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1982 ダイハツタフトF50V/DAIHATSU TAFT F50V

1982 ダイハツタフトF50V/DAIHATSU TAFT F50V

Daihatsu Taft

Daihatsu Taft

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