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Jun 19, 2019

Here Are Five Reasons Why Buying The 2019 iPod touch Will Totally Be Worth It

We tallied five key features of the 2019 iPod touch and listed down why the device is still as vital as it was since its debut more than a decade ago.

One of Apple's biggest surprises this year was the release of its iPod touch (7th Gen). Dubbed as the 2019 iPod touch, the popular series' current refresh serves as the lineup's first release since it launched its iPod touch (6th Gen) entry in 2015.

Apple's announcement of the 2019 iPod touch also brought about some heated discussions online whether or not the device is still a thing this year. And if you're still on the fence or are already on the verge of buying one soon, allow us to convince you more as to why this classic piece of a mobile device is still worth it.

Here are five of the best features of the 2019 iPod touch and why you should be owning one:

1.) It's one of the smallest mobile devices in 2019

If you're still disappointed that Apple ended its production of the iPhone SE, now is the time to rejoice as the 2019 iPod touch is the closest device you'll find in 2019 relative to the phone's size and "pocketability". The device only features a 4-inch diagonal widescreen display with Multitouch IPS technology.

2.) Privacy is a priority

From a perspective of someone who values privacy above anything else, the 2019 iPod touch is going to be his or her very best bet among the numerous options in its class. The device lacks cellular connectivity, so if you're dealing with some secrets you'd like to keep on for years or you just want to limit how much information Apple or Google is retrieving from your device, this product is worth considering.

3.) Games, games, games

The gaming feature of the 2019 iPod touch was one of the highlights when the device was announced recently. Alongside its comfortable size, the 2019 iPod touch is also noted for its faster A10 Fusion chipset, which should manage gaming titles efficiently. In addition, the device's chipset should also provide support for some of the most sought-after AR features.

And with Apple Arcade already being teased to come soon, you can now imagine just how powerful your 2019 iPod touch is going to be.

4.) Movies and music galore

The 2019 iPod touch now comes with a new 256GB storage option. Whether you are a music junkie or a film aficionado, such storage will never disappoint.

5.) A kid magnet

If you're dealing with a kid who is just too young to use either an iPhone or an Android, the latest generation of the iPod touch still remains to be among the best options out there. The 2019 iPod touch also features Screen Time which not only shows how long your offspring is spending their eyes on the device but also allows you to read a report on what your kids have been up to and restrict content whenever it is rational.

Apple's newest iPod touch is certainly one that dares to stand out in a crowd that is now dominated by smartphones and tablets. And with the above-mentioned features, the 2019 iPod touch has truly defined what it really means to own a device that doesn't feature cellular activity – a chipset that powers through reliable performance and a size that is just perfect.

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