Nov 1, 2017

Apple Engineer fired after his Daughter releases Footage of the iPhone X

In an unfortunate case of bad judgment, an Apple engineer has reportedly been let go after his daughter's video of the iPhone X went viral.

When it comes to fame, there's nothing a product of Generation Z loves more than making it big on social media. And with so many kids these days looking to make that big viral break for their YouTube channel or blog that will catapult them to social media stardom, the temptation to do something unlawful is just too great. That temptation is exactly what got this Apple engineer fired when his daughter uploaded a video of the iPhone X to her vlog.

According to the reports, vlogger Brooke Amelia Peterson visited the Apple campus with her father to see the unreleased iPhone X. A video of her day shopping and heading to Apple along with the footage of the iPhone X came out and was picked up by various websites on the watch for Apple news, including 9to5Mac. The video became viral and spread all across social media, including YouTube.

After going viral, Peterson released a follow-up video talking about how her video went viral and she gives a long talk about her life, finally ending it with a tearful soliloquy about how her father got fired from Apple due to her video, which apparently went against Apple protocols on what can be filmed while on campus, especially regarding unreleased hardware.

The actual video showed her father at the Caffe Macs restaurant at the Apple campus using the iPhone X to make a payment with Apple Pay at the café using employee-only QR codes. The video also gives a glimpse of the notes app on the phone, along with the vaunted Animoji feature.

It's an unfortunate turn of events, and if Peterson's father was indeed let go as a result of this seemingly-innocent incident it's a shame, but it's understandable as Apple has non-disclosure agreements in place and takes other measures to protect its trade secrets and intellectual property. Hopefully this serves as a cautionary warning to people serving in sensitive positions at the most-watched companies in the world.

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