Nov 15, 2017

Globe or Smart? Where should you get the new iPhone 8?

If you're not locked in with a particular carrier, you may want to look at the numbers before you take the plunge on your new iPhone 8.

Now that the iPhone 8 series phones are officially listed with the carriers, the big question is: Do I get my shiny new iPhone from Smart, or from Globe? It's an age-old question and assuming you don't have any carrier loyalty, it's one you'll be pondering for quite a while before you finally make the plunge. We are here to help you make the decision by giving you the math.

First off, let's take a look at the Globe plans that offer the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Globe offers several plans from Plan 599 up to Plan 7999. Plan 599 requires a hefty outlay of PHP 38,400 for the basic iPhone 8 64GB version, while Plan 7999 gives you the iPhone 8 Plus 256GB for free. But for the purposes of this discussion, let's look at the outlay you will need to pay with plans comparable to the ones Smart offers.

GlobePlan 999Plan 1499Plan 1999Plan 2499
iPhone 8 (64GB)31,20028,80019,20012,000
iPhone 8 (256GB)40,80038,40028,80021,600
iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)37,20034,80025,20018,000
iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)46,80044,40034,80027,600

Then, we take a look at the plans that Smart has for the iPhone 8.

SmartPlan 999Plan 1499Plan 1999Plan 2499
iPhone 8 (64GB)28,70024,00016,800 12,000
iPhone 8 (256GB)37,50033,60026,400 21,600
iPhone 8 Plus (64GB)34,50028,80024,00016,800
iPhone 8 Plus (256GB)43,50038,40031,200 26,400

You'll notice immediately that Smart's plans offer a significantly lower total cash price for the iPhones. This is true for almost all brackets, with just a few items being at the same price as Globe, such as the iPhone 8 models at Plan 2499. This does make it look like Smart offers the better deal on the whole for those looking to save a few bucks.

However, we should also take into consideration the payment plans and the total package. Both Smart and Globe offer consumable plans that you can use to get specific perks for your monthly subscription. Both plans also allow you to pay the cash outlay in monthly installments for two years, at least from plan 1499 and up.

For an iPhone 8 64GB, Globe will have you pay a total of PHP 2,799 every month for two years at Plan 1999, while Smart will have you on a monthly bill of PHP 2,699. That 100 might not seem like much, but it does matter. For many people though, it's a negligible amount every month. So although Smart is definitely cheaper as a whole, your decision might ultimately boil down to what you get when you sign up for the plan.

Globe plans come with free Netflix and Disney for 6 months, along with Spotify Premium for 3 months. They also come with unlimited text to all Networks, and unlimited calls to Globe, along with 11GB of data per month and a free one-month Gadget Care plan.

Smart, on the other hand, provides unlimited text to all networks, along with a certain amount of data and call minutes for various plans, the higher the plan, the more data and minutes. Plan 1999 has 12GB of data and 70 minutes of calls. In addition, Smart offers free access to one map every month, and you can choose from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Waze or Instagram.

Both look good, but for those looking to binge watch on Netflix and the Disney channel, Globe is the clear winner. Smart will give you unlimited access to one app per month (and you can choose which app it is every month), and while that may not seem as impressive, you have to consider the long term. Smart provides you the access to your entire two-year contract, but Globe's Netflix and Disney channel bonanza only last for six months or one-fourth of your contract. After that, if you wish to maintain the same services you'll need to spend more every month.

So ultimately, it'll come down to what you're looking for and what you're willing to pay for. The numbers are there, so take into consideration your needs and choose wisely.

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