Mar 13, 2015

New Macbook Hands-on report!

Photos of the new lightest and thinnest notebook the "MacBook"! and check how was the much awaited new keyboard and track pad was like?

When people talk about Apple's "MacBook", what goes on to mind first is that poly-carbonated pure white color. it was Apple's entry-level model and was also affordable, because of that it quickly became a popular model. It disappeared from the product line up in 2011 and now it has returned as a new model after 4 years, but this time, its not your typical entry-level model anymore, It was built well enough that it can even challenge the existence of the thinnest and lightest notebook ever made, The "MacBook Air".

Colors for the New MacBook comes with the same as the iPhone, available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray.
A special event launch was held in US and Japan on exactly the same day, There we got a chance to check out the boldness of the USBc-port and the 12-inch Retina display of the new "MacBook" .
Here are some photos along with what we thought about its new specs.

Silver model of the thinnest and lightest Mac notebook

The New Ultra-thin "MacBook" weighs less than a kilo!

The First impression you get when you hold this notebook in your hands is that its light! It only weighs 920g and around 13.1mm in thickness. The 11-inch MacBook Air weighs 1.08kg meaning its 88g less than a MacBook Air. It also looks thinner than the MacBook Air.
This Thin and lightweight body MackBook is equipped with a 12-inch Retina diplay (2304 × 1440, the aspect ratio of 16:10).

Theirs nothing left to modify. The new MacBook is equipped with a new Intel CPU, a low power consuming "Core M processor" , The internal has become a fan-less structure and the Storage is already an SSD.
Given the place and time, sadly we didn't get a chance to try out how silent the new MacBook is when being operated on a various level.

What made the MacBook so thin is its new USBc-port, its 1/3 the size of the existing USB port.
It features a reversible socket meaning it can be used to both charge the system and connect peripheral devices,
Unfortunately the downside of this is you cant connect your notebook to more than one device at a time.
Dedicated adapters, WiFi and Bluetooth is also an option but i guess its up to the user how to manage this issue.

Thickness and slim

equipped with 12-inch Retina display


headphone output

How was the much awaited new keyboard and track pad?

The new MacBook is equipped with a butterfly structure keyboard. I cant recommend it to people who types with heavy fingers.
its was very shallow and the keystrokes were thin, it may take some time to get used.

The track pad with a pressure-sensitive function, pressing and sense of clicks comes through physically but the track pad isn't moving.
The pressure-sensitive sensor detects the pressure and is giving the feedback, Its the same as Apple's watch "TAPTIC ENGINE" . One can not simply understand until experiencing it on hand.
You can hold down strongly or look up the meaning of a word by using the pressure-sensitive function,
You can also use it when viewing files in FINDER and provide as a fast-forward function in QuickTime.

butterfly structure

enhancing visibility by mounting one LED per key

Track pad with a pressure-sensitive function

The same as iPhone's 3 Colors Variations,

The New MacBook comes with 3 color variations. it comes in Gold, Silver or Space Gray. The Exterior is made from full aluminum giving the new MacBook more character similarities with the MacBook Air..
Its Thin its light and like the MacBook Air the antenna at the back is also hard to notice,
For people who are planning to buy a mobile notebook, the new MacBook is without a doubt a model to noted.

Space Gray Model 1

Space Gray Model 2

Gold Model 1

Gold Model 2

color of the Gold model

Silver Model

Unreleased Beats Bluetooth headphones and speaker 1

Unreleased Beats Bluetooth headphones and speaker 2

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