May 18, 2015

New MacBook Hands-on report!

Here is the review of "MacBook" with only USB-C port.

Equipped with a 12-inch Retina display on the slim body than the Air

This time did too much perhaps? This is the review of "MacBook" with only USB-C port.

A new "MacBook" is the notebook, which strongly-condensed its Apple-style. There are a lot of features including a high-definition 12-inch Retina display, external interface, fanless-designed, has Core M processor, low-cut keyboard, and the touch pad that sense the pressure intensity.

On the other hand, I am so interested in if it's enough to have only USB-C port or I get any stresses with only Core M processor or not. For this time, I would like to review with using the model of 1.1GHz Core M processor with 256GB SSD.

MacBook 1

The new model of MacBook(gold-model) that released in 10 May 2015. Its body is slim than 11-inch of MacBook Air that has a Retina display.

It's slim and light! It equipped the three varieties of color as an iPhone.

It has been a long time no see the notebook from Mac. And this MacBook will be a new series. In the past, there are the same names of models that have polycarbonate body or aluminium body, but the design had totally changed to be a brand new model. Let's check the box and the contents.

Because the MacBook itself is very compact and slim, the box is also small and thin. I tried the gold model and the box has the golden logo as well.
The contents are also very simple like the other Apple products. There are adapter, 2m of USB-C charge cable, manual and the logo stickers.

MacBook 2

MacBook of box and its contents.

I have not check yet but the other colors model may have the stickers which are as same as their body colors.

MacBook has the wide 12-inch LCD display. Its dimension is 280.5(W)×196.5(D)×3.5-13.1(H)mm and weigh 920g. It's definitely smaller than 13-inch model of MacBook Air or 13-inch model of MacBook Pro Retina display model.

To compare with 11-inch MacBook Air model, MacBook's width is shorter because it has thinner bezel. The weight is also 160g lighter.

The weight of iPhone 6 Plus is 172g so it can say that the MacBook is as lighter as one smartphone. The quadrate edge is smoothly curved as the MacBook Air and it seems much thinner than the specs that written on the data sheet.
But because its appearance is compact and slim, you'll feel heavy when you hold it.
Its strength is the worry thing because of its slimness, but once you hold its aluminium body, you could feel its strength.

It doesn't sag in the middle even I push the closed body, and it doesn't kink like I become anxious even I hold the edge of the display.

The bottom of the keyboard side is also hard and solid. Its design is very similar to the MacBook Air but the Apple mark does not lighten, and it finished like the mirror. There are silver and apace gray colors other than the gold color. And MacBook is the only model that has the color variations in the current model.

MacBook 3

The color I tried for this time is as the color as iPhone's calm gold color. If you are iPhone user, you would like to choose the same model color. And it seems very smart and beautiful.

MacBook 4

When you laps over 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display model(Late 2013), you can see MacBook's slimness obviously. And when you look it from the side, its figure is as same as MacBook Air's wedge shape.

It gets Retina display that satisfies iPhone/iPad users

MacBook is the pronoun of Apple. It has a high-definition of Retina display and its resolution is 2304×1440 (226ppi).
The aspect rate is 16:10. When LCD makes a high resolution, it is necessary to increase the brightness of the backlight to keep its lightness. Since the power consumption is increased if you raise the brightness, so that the battery life will be shortened in the case of laptop.

Therefore, MacBook expands its aperture in the pixel to be able to use LED backlight, which energy efficiency is 30% higher than the other Mac display by raising the transmittance of light. It's all about both high-definition and low power consumption.

When I compared to the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina display model (Late 2013), which I usually use, the brightness does not seemed to different so much but the contrast is much better.

A viewing angle keeps 178 degrees. The letters are sharp and easy to read, and you can enjoy your photos and movies with high image quality.
Though the part of display is extremely thin but no one would feel unsatisfied with its quality.

Battery life is officially up to 9 hours. It did not measures by JEITA way but raise the display's brightness up to 75% (click 12 times from the lowest) and see and measure from the typical website.

Actually, I changed its brightness to 75% and input the text, see the photos and open the webpage by Safari. And then I used it normally for 2 hours (the battery was charged fully). But the battery runs only 22%. It seems I could use up to 7-8 hours.

MacBook 6

12-inch model of Retina display's resolution is 2304×1440(226ppi). Its display quality is very high and the letters are so clear to read easily. You can enjoy your photos and movies with high quality.

MacBook 7

Comparison with 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina display model(Late2013). To see the upper left of the cloud part in the wall paper, MacBook one has the higher contrast.

MacBook 8

The bottom is also simple and clean. When I see carefully, I could see the screws which are same gold color as its body color were used.

For a new keyboard and touch pad, you will get conned by its appearance and touch?

To make the thinness of 3.5 ~ 13.1mm possible, they also improved the keyboard.

This new keyboard doesn't wobbling even it's very thin because of the butterfly-construction but as you see, its stroke is very barely. So people who typing strongly would feel as if you touching the bottom and it seems to hard to get used to it. Still, when I asked some people who are my team to try this, most of them answered they felt easy to typing than they thought.

Compare with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, one of the point is the each keys became bigger. The space between the keys are very narrow but the key itself is curved so the fingers fit them and able to tying naturally and comfortably. Anyhow, people have their taste for keyboard so you better try at the shop.

Set up an each LED under the keys to tone down the leakage of the lights so that the letters could be clearer. Make an arrangement of an energy efficiency and it is the back-light that focused on the beauty of an appearance.
The speaker is built-in the upper keyboard.

MacBook 9

An area of the keys increased 17% so the space between the keys became narrow, so there are vanishingly space.

MacBook 10

MacBook 11

MacBook 11

As you see, the stroke is very short. You need to get used to it, but it is not the level of "can't use". However, it's up to your taste. I think you should try first before you decided.

MacBook 12

There is a "pressure-sensitive touch track panel" on the laptop. The existing "track pad" sinks when you click, but this pressure-sensitive touch track pad cannot press downward. It's just a glass plate.
Even so, if you try to operate, you will be able to feel you really clicking.

You can also hear the sound of clicking. It tells your finger the false-clicking by "Taptic Engine" which has been used with "Apple Watch" that will be released on 24 April. And this is pretty real that I should explain. You could know if this is the false one especially when you turned off the power. Once you turned off the power and click the track pad, you cannot feel any clicking or hear the click sound.

The good things of the pressure-sensitive touch track pad are, it could senses everything when you click anywhere on the trackpad surface and it can recognize the strong clicking. When you click the address stronger while you using the mail, you can see the map to check up the place.
It can also support the multi-touch gesture such as scroll or swipe like Mac.

MacBook 13

It has become a hot topic immediately after the announcement, the MacBook's external interface is only USB-C and headphone. So this USB-C port is the only one that support all the connecting the devices, exchanges the date, video-out and a power delivery.

In the first generation MacBook Air debuted in 2010 was the time when eliminate the LAN port, modem, optical drive and give only one USB port were considered to be acceptable. But in MacBook. And it has become a further drastic design in MacBook. By the way, USB Type-C is the latest pattern that released last year.

In reversible shape features that can be connected up and down regardless, since than typical USB Type-A compact, it is also contributing to thinning of the body. USB version should be "USB 3.1 Gen1", but the maximum transfer speed of data is 5Gbps with USB 3.0(the maximum transfer speed of USB 3.1 is the same as Thunderbolt 10Gbps).

USB PD could be able to support the devices which need 5V, 12V and 20V, and it supply maximum 100W.
But actually there are just a few corresponding equipment and it's more inconvenient scene than the convenient scene so it cannot say only USB-C port will cover all.
But there are many equipment to connect to USB Type-A.
You need to think whether you use the adapter to scan the photos from the digital camera or use from wire-less LAN.

It's fine if you using "AirMac TimeCapsule" to back up but it's hard with external HDD. You need to think MacBook user do not need to use USB.

MacBook 14

USB-C connector. It is the reversible form and compact.

MacBook 15

It has USB-C port on the left side. Only USB-C port supports all exchange the data, connecting with other equipment and power supply.

MacBook 16

It equips the headphone output on the right side and the dual microphone on the left side. You need to pay attention to the "MagSafe 2" that use the magnet connector. USB-C's connector is firmly cemented so you cannot remove by one hand. However it can connect from any side, but you need the action of stick into the port.

I was made to realize how convenient it is with using the MacBook, that sticking the connector to the port just put it closer to the port.
And since there is no LED that inform in charge, it may cause that you forget to plug the power adapter into the outlet and charge.

To use USB equipment, you need the optional adapters. For Apple, you need "USB-C-USB Adapter"(USB), "USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter"(HDMI, USB, USB-C) and "USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter"(analog RGB, USB, USB-C).

MacBook 17

It is 29W USB-C power adapter and USB-C charge cable. It is wall mount type and extended cable is not included.

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