Apple MacBook MC725ZP/A Reviews

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Overall Rating

Design 4.5
Processing Speed 4.5
Graphics 4.5
Expandability 4.5
Usability 4.5
Portability 4.5
Battery 4.5
Display 4.5
Total 4.5

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Julia Palacay

  • Review by Julia Palacay
  • Nov 13, 2015
Design 4.0
Processing Speed 4.0
Graphics 4.0
Expandability 4.0
Usability 4.0
Portability 4.0
Battery 4.0
Display 4.0
Total 4.0

good but its hard/difficult

the design is nice and the display is very attractive. The processing speed of this laptop is fast and its good to have this, The graphics is also good for me, the portability its so good because this laptop is MABIGAT for me so I usually left it in our house, but it is okay. The battery on this laptop is long life so great to have this.

The bad thing on this laptop is, so hard to recover what short cut command should I do just to fix the problem because this laptop is different from the other laptop that I used and know. That sometimes I do not know what should I do to fix. Its so hard laptop.!

Good Review

John Paul Sentillas Canales

  • Review by John Paul Sentillas Canales
  • Oct 13, 2015
Design 5.0
Processing Speed 5.0
Graphics 5.0
Expandability 5.0
Usability 5.0
Portability 5.0
Battery 5.0
Display 5.0
Total 5.0

My Overall Review

[Good] This laptop is a very good and beautiful, it has a lot of good specs that can really suits your interests and needs in terms of studying and working. the design of it is very elegant and very fashionable that we can say it is the model of a futuristic Laptop that can feeds your eyes. The processing speed is very good because it has a high capacity of RAM that can't never bothers you. The graphics also is a very good because it features a realistic image and videos that can allure your eyes when your watching of it. The expandability of it is a very nice that you can download anything that you want and use different chromes without hanging at once nor twice or thrice. In other words, it has very high expandability in terms of using a multitasking engines.
the usability of it is very cool, you can use it anywhere you want it. Since it is handy and owners friendly, it will never bothers you bringing of it. The portability is so cool that you can't make choosing to bring it or not. the battery life is a kind of excellence also because it has a high mAh Li Ion battery that can last for a long time period of using it. The display is very good that it makes you satisfied of buying of it.

[Bad] In spite of all of my good reviews, its is not that mush quite good at all. Yet some of its specs is very good to its usable and uses, but the is not that much kind'a good to our budget.

Good Review

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