Jun 13, 2018

Geekbench Reveals the ASUS ROG Phone as The Fastest Snapdragon 845-Powered Smartphone

The recently-announced gaming smartphone from the Taiwanese smartphone maker is clear to be making a name of its own. And with the revelation from the earliest benchmarks, the device is slated to outperform even the usual key players in the industry now.

Move over Apple and Samsung! The ASUS ROG Phone ZS600KL, which was announced previously, is now making waves of its own and this is all despite the fact that it is still scheduled to be launched in the next quarter.

A recent Geekbench listing reveals that the ASUS ROG Phone ZS600KL is the fastest smartphone that runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. The gaming phone managed to generate a decisive 9,534 points in the multi-core test and produced a hefty 2,547 points in the single-core output. Deemed as the highest-scoring smartphone yet, the soon-to-be-released gaming phone's placement at the top can be attributed to a slew of factors.

At the top of these reasons, the ROG Phone's Snapdragon 845 comes with a higher clock speed of 2.96GHz which is currently distinctive among other flagship iterations. Also, the gaming phone boasts of a "binning process," which easily gives this device an advantage over other top-of-the-line flagships. And as the smartphone comes with a copper heat spreader and a 3D vapor chamber, the unit is expected to tone down the temperature all the time.

Another possible attribution on the ASUS ROG Phone's high charting is its inclusion of the X Mode feature. The said mode allows the device to elevate its minimum clock speeds under the four performance cores while shutting down four of its efficiency cores resulting to an optimized power.

The ASUS ROG Phone's prowess doesn't only come from its ultra-fast chipset. The gaming phone also features an equally massive and reliable 8GB RAM and a generous 512GB of internal storage as its highest variant. It is encased on a 6-inch FHD+ AMOLED display which also boasts of a 90Hz refresh rate. It should run the latest Android 8.1 Oreo when it gets released. Its pricing remains unannounced as of this writing.

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