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3D Summer Cool Reviews

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Overall Rating

Design 5.0
Buttons 5.0
Wind power 5.0
Quietness 5.0
breeze 5.0
Size 5.0
Total 5.0

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Lhen Ricafrente Custodio

  • Review by Lhen Ricafrente Custodio
  • Jan 13, 2016
Design 5.0
Buttons 5.0
Wind power 5.0
Quietness 5.0
breeze 5.0
Size 5.0
Total 5.0

summer cool

[Good] the use of this electric fan is to give a cool air to the user. It is food to use because i realy felt the coolness and it gives me so much fun to do the other things. My family is happy to use it because of its coolnss.... The designs is really amazing.. I want to see it everyday because it gives me a good time to use it.. The buttons is so easy to push so thats why i think i can use it in so many years.. The buttons will not easy to crack ... I also like the wind power because it really provides us a good air and it feels like im in heaven.. The size is really fit to our house .. I really really like it so much if i were you imust have to buy so many electric fan like this.. You may enjoy every time and every inch of this... The electric bill is so high so thats why im very happy with that...the quitness of this is really good...

[Bad] i dont this item has a bad side all i know is i want to buy so many of this... Thats all i love this fan ... Avail it now or else you may use a pamaypay only... Take note its hard to have a loosy fan.. Thanka and godbess sana 100 load ibugay nyo.. Maawa kayo ang haba ng naitype ko d2.

Good Review

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  • Rating : 5.0
  • Review by Arnold Reyes
  • Date : Apr 27, 2016

[Good] the wind power is strong. I love it. I would buy it again if i could. Good design also. Good color combination. We all love it. Good job 3d! The best fan so far. Awesome! I can not fin another ...Read more

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  • Review by Ezqwerty0417
  • Date : Sep 7, 2015

Perfect sa kuwarto namin ang fan na ito. Sobrang tahimik lang at okay ang air flow na binibigay. Medyo alanganin ako nung una sa mga claim na tahimik daw ang fan na ito pero sinubukan ko at totoo nga. ...Read more

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