Jul 13, 2017

5 Office Bags that Can Hold Everything You Need

These all-in-one bags can hold your essentials, your tablet, and even your baon!

The bags we bring to the office always need to be roomy enough to hold everything we need with us when we go to work. That includes our wallet, phone, makeup bag, and planner. Of course, it should also have enough space for extra stuff like tissues and maybe a little snack.

While it might be tempting to carry around a giant backpack, go the fashionable route instead with these classy but roomy bags.

Xti Top Handled Bag

This taupe organizer bag is super chic, and it definitely won't clash with any bright colors you're wearing.

Nine West City Chic Gillian Hand Bag

It's certainly eye-catching, but it's in a neutral black and white color that's easy to coordinate with any outfit.

Rosegal Peony Flower Embroidery Tote Bag

For all you girly girls out there who can't resist floral embellishments, this structured shoulder bag is the one for you.

Mendrez Amie Tote Bag

Who can resist that gorgeous color? This effortlessly chic tote bag can even hold folders filled with files!

Rosegal 3 Picecs Patent Leather Handbag Bag

For a bag that will let everyone know who's boss, this super sleek patent leather trio is for you!

No power suit is complete without a great bag to go with it!